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  • was a graphic designerand an industrial designerdance teacher, receptionist, hiker, travelerassistant photographer, clerk, dancercomputer sales person, fruit picker, readerchef, cleaning person, activities organiser.....

    Self study UX fundamentals, Interaction design, IA, basic coding, social psychology

    is a UX DesignerE-mail: linminjung1989@gmail.comMobile: 0431127619







    Inhouse design team

    Design studio

    Multi working experiences

    Thanks to sticky notes and powerful Google

    Ready to work in A TEAM!

  • UX Work -Organic store RWD project

    Grannys backyard FreelancerHow I start the project?My grandparents shared crops with friends for free. They decided to share their amazingvegetables ad fruits to more people. I design the logo and a business website.

    Work I did the projects by myself and it was hard to apply design methods which require a group of people. I followed the workflow from Smashing UX Designby James and Jesmond.

  • My workflow for the RWD Project

    Research Prototype

    User researchCompetitors analysisPersonasUser stories mappingCard sorting(Using OptimalSort)QuestionaresSite map

    SketchWireframesMockup(Using Mockplus)

    Use clickablePrototype to do user testing

    According to the datafrom user testing, correct the design anduse Sketch app to buildhigh fidelity prototypefor testing until the website is launched

    RWD project is still constructed,Please if you need more details.Thanks!

    Test Design & Build

  • Documents in the working process

    Card sorting & Scenarios

    User research & Personas

    Card sorting analysisSite map


  • Documents in the working process


    Sketch & Logo Design

    High-fidelity Prototype

  • Nav bar can be scrolled

    Drop down menu

    Website Layouts

    Competitors Website Analysis2013

    Harrods website analysisBeyond Plaza Inhouse designerWork Analyze famous department stores websites.I did Harrods, Selfridges, and LibertyMainly observe their contents and how they sort the contents. Learning UX & UI from them. I tried to find out their pros and cons amongthese websites.

    Using +/- to hide and reveal the contents

    Picture credit-Harrods

  • Graphic Design Department store Logo


    2013B Square

    Beyond Plaza

    B Plaza

    Comma Square

    Le Fleur

    Beyond Plaza Inhouse designerWork I did competitor and customer research,before design discussion. The business requirements were slightly diffrent to the contexual analysis. Colleagues and I made several design changes during the process to meet both needs.

  • Brand Design & Layout2013

    Beyond Plaza

    2014Catalogue layout

    Beyond Plaza Inhouse designerWork For the opening of Beyond Plaza, design team made efforts ondesigning everything in the department store and the promotionadvertisements on public places.

    We made catalogues every two months. I played the role as a product photographer and design. We did research about the latest trend and customers preference. I arranged products choosing meeting with floor supervisors and team leader.

  • Graphic & Industrial Design2012Alice Wang Design Intern designer

    Work I learned Critical thinking to broaden ideas while designingprojects and draw parts of graphics in City Illness(An illustration book exposing peoples weird acts nowadays.),did parts of layouts in Bua-Bui notebook, and developed the idea of Trust eraser.

    Photocredit-Alice Wang Design

    Trust eraser

    City Illness-Illustration book

    Posters for stand

    Best W








  • Graphic Design


    Boss Group Inhouse designerWork I designed the illustrations on the fence arondbuildings which were under constructed and design different notices and business cards for clientsin the business center.

    Boss International Business center

    Graphics around the fence

    10486 11113