How much UX is in your UX portfolio?

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UX PORTFOLIOSDESIGNING FOR YOUR USERSSUPER THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR: Welcome meet up: April 20th. A Social Gathering@ALILDALEYIM ALISON LAWRENCE Former UX Recruiter for UX Magazines recruiting team, Didus Recruited for UX roles for 4+ years Transitioned to UX Research 1.5 years ago I train recruiters on technical recruiting and how to assess UX portfolios Organizer/Founder of the Tech Recruiter ConferenceEXPERIENCE (AKA, WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ME)WHOS THE USER IN YOUR UX PORTFOLIO?The hiring manager & recruiter. Design for them.UX BASICS FOR UX PORTFOLIOS Who are your users? What is the goal of the portfolio (what do your users want to see?) Whats the easiest way to get that result to them? (design for use)4 PILLARS OF A WELL-BUILT PORTFOLIO Breadth & Depth: Platforms youve worked on: mobile / web / desktop Consumer-facing / enterprise / B2B Showcase the types of experiences youve designed Provide a cross-section of your experiences4 PILLARS OF A WELL-BUILT PORTFOLIO Curating: Show 3-7(ish) projects Share 4-9 visuals that showcase the main steps / milestones of the design process for the project Dont make the hiring manager wade through a cluster of too many projects. They wont. Dont make your user open links to find your work, include images within the portfolio directly4 PILLARS OF A WELL-BUILT PORTFOLIO Narrative The UX process is that, a process. Tell the story of your process with your portfolio. Whats your story as a designer? Whats your narrative? Provide an intro, main body of work, conclusion4 PILLARS OF A WELL-BUILT PORTFOLIO Process Work: UX is not the final product, its the research, strategy, testing, design and build process of a product. Your portfolio should illustrate that process. Share images of white boards, sketches, wireframes, usability testing, personas. Illustrate the thinking process you take when you tackle a project. Hiring managers like thinkers.SHAPING THE BESTINTRODUCTION Get their attention, whet their palette: Lead with a beautiful graphic or image Introduce yourself. Welcome the user and give a synopsis of you! Share: years of experience, special sauce, strengths, what you love doingMEAT & POTATOES Showcase at least 3 projects You took a process from project brief to final deliverable. Summarize this process in your portfolio Have 4-9 process work images that walk the user along with your steps Ideal: Image + narrative box. This shows what your work while explaining your process. Talk about the challenges, the learning and insights Close with an image of the final deliverable, if possibleWRAP IT UP!Thank the user for taking the time to review your portfolio. Reiterate your personal statement, include your contact details.WHAT QUESTIONS CAN I HELP YOU WITH?Alison THANK YOU!