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2. A little bit about me I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difcult. E.B. White After 7 years in graphic design, I retrained in user experience design because I wanted to step back a few paces from the forms and get a wider at look the ecosystems they live in. Through GAs UX Immersive program, I shifted my visual focus to user needs, and learn how to make things that are great to use, not just to look at. Now, I want to work with people who are excited to learn, to teach, and to x up the world around us a bit. 3. Get Up And Ride Brooklyn Bike Tours The Project Get Up And Ride is a boutique bike tour company in Brooklyn. As part of a 2-week student project at General Assembly, our team asked to improve overall site usability and increase conversion through a clearer path to purchase. 4. Get Up And Ride UserUnderstanding GoalsHave a fun trip Get the real story Find activities to doMethods Stakeholder Interviews User Interviews Afnity Mapping !We interviewed key stakeholders to nd out brand goals, current and future business goals and their insights on their customers. We also interviewed potential users about their travel habits and motivations.BrandBusinessHipIncrease conversionFunIncorporate new offeringsOriginalPrepare for growth 5. Get Up And RideCompetitive Analysis Method We looked at competitors and complimentors to assess the market and nd best practices for presenting activities and information 6. Get Up And RideSite Analysis Methods UX Evaluation Benchmark Testing !We reviewed the site, mapping out key ows, inventoried the content, and evaluated it terms of branding, usability, functionality and content Then we tested on potential users, and found issues with legibility, hierarchy and ow. 7. Get Up And RideDesign Iterations MethodsSign UpRIDESCALENDAR Sketching Paper Prototying Participatory Design !We explored ways to solve the issues found in testing and better represent the brand, bringing in the client to participate. From there, we created wireframe paper prototypes, reassessing the design based on user and business goalsSTOREWHY US?CONTACT USBLOGExperience Brooklyn through the eyes of a local, from the seat of a bicycle. Ride with us on engaging tours of Brooklyns most eclectic neighborhoods, all-day adventures, and overnight escapes from the city See Our RidesFEATURED RIDESA few of our faves. See More Brooklyn Pulse: Street Art & CultureBrunch in BrooklynThe Fall & Winter ClassicThe Spring & Summer Classic (APRIL-OCTOBER)Why Us? Fun and engaging local tour guides Safe, Bike-friendly routes Relaxed Pace (were sightseeing, not racing) Small Group sizes of 11 or less Retro-looking, comfortable and lightweight bikes made specically for the city Headset in helmet to stay tuned throughout the rideFROM THE BLOGVIDEOWeve got things to say. See More December 10, 2013October 29, 2013October 15, 2013Its the Season of Giving, and Well Help You Celebrate!Riding a Bike in Williamsburg: Hipsters, Australians, Coee, Tourists, Street Art, and Mitch Hedberg?!CYCLE Kids: proving that bikes can ght child obesity, empower kids, and basically save the worldRead MoreRead MorePEOPLE WHO SHOW US LOVE LOGOLOGORead MorePlenty more where that came from. See More LOGOIncredible tour, worth every cent. You'll fall in love with Brooklyn.LOGOLOGOI have done bike tours all over the world, and this one wins for me, hands down.Username on TripAdvisorCONTACT US(646) 801-BIKE (2453)Username on YelpSTAY IN THE LOOP!NAVIGATIONHOME RIDES FAQ CALENDAR BLOGLOGOWHY US? OUR GUIDES PRESS REVIEWS STORECONNECT WITH USGet our newsletter for our latest rides, bike events and Brooklyn insightsKeep up with the witty things we post all over the Internet!Sign UpLike on FacebookFollow on Twitter 8. Get Up And RideUser Testing Methods Invision Prototype User Testing !We created a prototype in InVision and gave users the same scenarios and tasks to complete from benchmark testing, and iterated from the results. Check out the prototype 9. LinkedIn Contact Management for Mobile The Project My team and I were tasked with adding a contact management feature to the LinkedIn mobile app. Our specic objectives were to help users determine: Who to contact When to contact them Create an MVP to serve those needs This was a 2-week student project at General Assembly, 10. LinkedInOur Solution The features we integrated:The Shortlist A targeted list of your most important contacts your best alliances now and the people who could be good resources in the future.Filter Connections By eld, company and location data LinkedIn already has 11. LinkedInUnderstanding Users Methods SurveysAfnity MappingBe open to opportunities Stay in touch with pastInterviews !UserWe discovered that most users don't manage their contacts in any deliberate way, and even devout users get overwhelmed with all the features and updates from the service.Avoid the noiseBrandBusinessTop Professionals Vital ServiceKeep talent pool engagedSmart & SavvyPush mobile use 12. LinkedInPersonas & Scenarios Methods Personas !ScenariosBased on our ndings, we created personas to better understand the user types we were designing form and wrote high-level scenarios to picture how they might better manage their contacts within the app. 13. LinkedInDesign Iterations Methods !Paper PrototypingWe explored a Shortlist feature to help users focus and target their connections without endless data entry, along with new ltering and sorting capabilities . We tested with paper prototypes to validate the value of our features, and nd ways to improve UI and taxonomy. 14. LinkedInUser Testing Methods Axure Prototype !User TestingI created a prototype in Axure to get the feel for the interactions and ows, and tested on LinkedIn users, and iterated until the Shortlist integration felt natural. 15. CEED Global Center for Entrepreneurship & Executive Development The Project CEED trains and supports entrepreneurs in emerging markets. The brief was to reposition them as a global leader in their eld and attract a new class of young, tech-savvy donors. This scope of this project was out of my comfort zone. I taught myself many new tools along the way and learned even more from the mistakes I made. There were successes too, and the experience was a big part of what led me to pursue UX formally. 16. CEED GlobalUnderstanding Goals Method Stakeholder interviewsI worked with Barnacle Studios and together we interviewed key stakeholders to gather business requirements, brand goals, and understand the user they were trying to reach.User Change the world through entrepreneurship Support successful organizationsBrandBusinessBusiness-savvyAttract new donorsChange-makerBring consistency to field office websitesApproachable 17. CEED GlobalBrand Identity Logo DesignStationery SystemCorporate GuidelinesI collaborated with another designer to create a new logo based on their brand goals. Next, I created logos for their global course offerings, and corporate materials guidelines. 18. CEED GlobalSite Analysis Method UX EvaluationI inventoried the content and evaluated the sites usability and functionality, nding information was often spread out over many pages and several layers deep. 19. CEED GlobalDesign Iterations I reorganized the sitemap, grouping related content and simplifying the navigation to get the key message across in the homepage. Next I sketched and created wireframes mapped to the new content hierarchy, and iterated based on feedback from the client and the developerCONTACT USrftCONTACT USSearchGLOBAL-USAWHO WE AREGLOBAL-USA|WHAT WE DO|OUR IMPACT|MEDIA ROOM|WHO WE ARE|WHAT WE DO|OUR IMPACT|MEDIA ROOM|rftSearchJOINJOINWHO WE ARE OUR BELIEFSPassion for entrepreneursVISION CEED strives for a world where entrepreneurs have the tools and support they need to spur innovation, create jobs, and build thriving economies.MISSION CEED drives economic growth by developing, connecting and mentoring entrepreneurs to strengthen their businesses so they can create jobs and in turn accelerate economic prosperity. Building a community of entrepreneurs is paramount in our endeavor.Ceed believes that entrepreneurship is the single best tool to support economic development and grow emerging and frontier economies. Entrepreneurs can operate anywhere, but theyIMAGE OR TEXT CALL OUTAPPROACH CEED not only provides entrepreneurs business know how through its accelerator programs but also connects participants to mentors and a community of entrepreneurs that can help take their small businesses to next level. The holistic combination of market connections, community engagement, capacity building and access to capital set CEED apart.we come inOUR HISTORYABOUT SEAF: JOIN CEEDSEAF is an investment management group that provides growth capital and business assistance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging and transition markets underserved by traditional sources of capital. Through our network of investment fundsaround the world, we invest in entrepreneurs seeking to build successful businesses, hoping to realize both returns to our investors and strong development impact in local communities.ESTABLISHING CEED:SUCCESS STORIESAGRIBIZMORE >ITENERGYWOMENYOUTHWith over 20 years of experience in SME investing, +500 SME investments and 1000 technical assistance interventions in frontier and emerging market SMEs, SEAF is intimately aware of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the management of their businesses. SEAF found that entrepreneurs were generally not as equipped to deal with rapid business growth. They frequently lacked knowledge and tools to assess new markets and struggled to gain access to capital. Entrepreneurs also lacked the right networks with other entrepreneurs who had experience entering regional and internati