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  • Our understandingThe fashion world is constantly changing, which means you must continually invest to stay competitive. And what is one of the highest priority areas for investment? Tools that help shorten the time from concept to customer, boost collaboration across the supply chain, and offer end-to-end visibility, flexibility, speed, and verticalization. SAP solutions can help you achieve these objectives while reducing overall IT costs and promoting future growth. With our investment in the SAP Fashion Management application, we have made a commitment to help fashion companies: Become brands that stand out from the crowd Drive efficiencies in their global operations Be recognized market leaders

    The SAP solutionWe believe that SAP can play a key role in helping you execute your strategic growth priorities, such as global e-commerce, multichannel opportunities, and store expansion while delivering engaging customer experiences. Through our robust, vertically integrated solution we can help you drive significant bottom-line improvements and improve your competitive position. The SAP Fashion Management application helps you: Achieve rapid wholesale and retail global expansion with support

    for multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple tax regimes, and multiple import and export requirements

    Globally command and control a single stock holding across all channels using a real-time supply and demand picture that drives better decisions

    Deliver a consistent customer experience with a unified solution that supports all channels

    Improve inventory efficiency with a single global inventory holding for retail, wholesale, and e-commerce channels

    Increase operational efficiency with common processes that share a single set of master and transaction data across all channels

    Why SAP?At SAP we can draw on the following to help you achieve your strategic vision: Our experience of working with a network of 12,200 retailers, fashion

    brands, and wholesalers Wholesale and retail software developed for the core business of fashion

    companies, including product development, retail processes, and shopper interaction across all points of contact

    A global team of SAP experts that specialize in wholesale and retail fashion

    A proven value-engineering methodology, including benchmarking with peers or competitors and the development of a business case to support business process and improvements in your key performance indicators (KPIs)

    SAP can help you transform your business by using a proven value framework that delivers immediate business value, as well as ongoing IT simplification that reduces total cost of ownership.

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  • leading fashion companies are utilizing sap technology and software to increase market opportunity, achieve profit goals, and grow market share.

    u p t o 1 5 %r e D u c t i o n i n i n v e n t o r y

    5 0 %r e D u c t i o n i n o r D e r s c a n c e l l e D D u e t o n o n a v a i l a b i l i t y

    source: sap performance benchmarking

    lets talkin this document we outline the challenges facing the fashion industryand how our solutions help you address them. take a few minutes to read through and, when youve finished, lets talk about how we can help your company with its specific priorities.

    to get in touchfind an sap office near you here

    to get more informationvisit our retail web site

    or follow us at

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  • globalization manufacturing flexibility to deploy

    rapidly and globally opening up of new channels in

    new markets simultaneously to address customer globalization

    sustainable operations and manufacturing

    faster fashion asynchronous seasons

    and themes more styles segmented regional and

    localized seasons and trends look local think global

    customer experience Knowledge of brands,

    not channels need for consistent interaction

    with preferred brands buying journey with many

    touch points

    vertically integrated channels move by fashion retailers to

    wholesale and manufacturing to control brand image and quality

    move by fashion manufacturers and wholesalers to retail to increase revenue, margin, and brand image

    fashion is being driven by four critical forces:

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  • faster fashion how can my business deliver shorter seasons across omnichannels with more styles?

    seasonal merchandising how can i improve customer service and fill rates while reducing excess stock?

    increased revenue and margin how can i make the best use of my inventory across channels and reduce markdowns?

    unified planning and sourcing how can i unify siloed, multichannel plans and sourcing?

    adaptable global business how can we move quickly and efficiently into new channels and markets?

    simplification how can i have a single, central software instance with a common view across all business segments? how can i lower my total cost of ownership?

    common face to all channels how can my brand be consistent across channels and geographies?

    fashion executives challenges that sap fashion management resolves:

    o u r u n D e r s t a n D i n g

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  • brand and merchandise managementinability to develop assortments and pricing targeted to the needs of the customer across asynchronous seasons, regional trends, and demand for global ranges that respect local and regional trends

    sourcing and procurementDifficulty managing a large and fluid vendor network

    supply chaininability to respond to customer demands for flexibility and responsiveness

    customer experiencefickle customers that have temporary loyalty to the brand, not the channel, and demand consistent standards regardless of touch point to the brand

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    c h a l l e n g e s i n t h e f a s h i o n i n D u s t r y

    D i s t r i b u t i o n c e n t e r s

    w h o l e s a l e

    o r e x t e r n a l

    c u s t o m e r s

    t h i r D - pa r t y

    l o g i s t i c s

    p r o v i D e r s

    e - c o m m e r c e

    s t o r e ss u p p l i e r s

    brand and merchandise management

    sourcing, procurement, and


    human resources


    information technology

    technology and platform

    supply chain

    omnichannel customer


    o u r u n D e r s t a n D i n g

  • sap helps fashion companies with multiple sales channels to act as one, with common processes based on a global real-time foundation that improves efficiency and delights customers.

    globalization Develop profitable new channels,

    markets, and brands work closely with business partners,

    suppliers, and manufacturers to develop new products

    adapt supply and sourcing to flexible global-trading strategies and business models

    faster fashion make more styles available more

    often Develop focused target segments

    and assortments by analyzing customer behavior and building customer profiles

    build localized and relevant assortments

    customer experience unify the customer experience

    through all phases and touch points increase visibility of trading across

    channels and customers

    vertically integrated channels integrate wholesale and retail

    sourcing, supply chain, and delivery processes

    improve service levels while lowering channel inventory investment

    optimize brand distribution and image

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  • bill mcDermott, ceo, sap se

    1 0 | 2 0 1 4 s a p s e o r a n s a p a f f i l i a t e c o m p a n y

    t o D ay s e m p l o y e e s a n D c o n s u m e r s a r e n e t w o r K e D a n D o n t h e m o v e . g r e at p r o D u c t s

    a l o n e a r e n o l o n g e r e n o u g h t o e a r n t h e i r l o ya l t y. b u s i n e s s e s h a v e t o p r o v i D e

    a n e x t- g e n e r at i o n e x p e r i e n c e , ta i l o r e D c o m p l e t e ly t o t h e i n D i v i D u a l . s a p i s D r i v e n b y

    a r e l e n t l e s s pa s s i o n t o h e l p o u r c u s t o m e r s i n n o v at e t o w i n . w e D e l i v e r t h e i n D u s t r y

    s o l u t i o n s a n D t h e r e a l -t i m e p l at f o r m f o r e n t e r p r i s e s t o r u n l i K e n e v e r b e f o r e .

    o u r u n D e r s t a n D i n g

  • stock-outs

    revenue from substitutes or alternat