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  • S A N D E E P B V N RU S E R E X P E R I E N C E D E S I G N E R

    +91 7760483045


  • A B O U T M E

    I am a self-made UX Designer. Though I did my Masters degree in Software Engineering (VIT University) and though I started my career as a Software Developer, the love towards Design and empathy towards users made me a UX Designer.

    I N T E R E S T S

    Educating the importance of UX and convincing my CEO for creating the first User Experience role in KNOLSKAPE is my biggest achievement. Thats how I transformed from Software Developer to UX person.

    TravellingTravelled solo to China & Thailand

    SketchingI love sketching the people I like


    I am interested in almost everything. Here are my top few interests:

    DancingI never miss a chance to dance

  • 3 Y E A R S @ K N O L S K A P E

    KNOLSKAPE is an award winning immersive gamification and simulation software company focussing on talent transformation. ( In past 3 years at a startup, I worked across various domains.

    User Experience Developer

    {User Experience Designing & Front-end development {User Experience Designer

    {User Experience Designing {Software Developer

    {Front-end development & Back-end development {3 Projects 3 Projects 2 Projects

  • H C I C O U R S E Human Computer Interaction course is a Hello World! project for me as a designer, where I learnt the UX process hands-on.

    S T O R Y B O A R D I N G W I R E F R A M I N G P R O T O T Y P I N G U S E R T E S T I N G

    On: Coursera Created by: University of California, San Diego

  • P R O J E C T 1

    PROMAN is a well-designed and gamified Project Management Simulation built on the concepts of the 5 performance domains and 10 knowledge areas of the Project Management PMBOK framework.


    My role in this project is Requirements gathering from client, wireframing, information architecture, prototyping, user testing and front-end development.

    What I did:

    Requirements document Wireframes User Interface Design User testing MXML/ActionScript

    Key Deliverables:

    Product: PROMAN

  • P R O J E C T 2

    KONSOLE is a common admin mode for all the simulations for managing licenses of users, analytics and Leaderboard.


    The challenge here is to fix the usability issues and to enhance the user experience for the existing version. Firstly started with expert review, followed by user interview, prioritising the list of usability issues, coming up with a solution (Wireframe) and validating it by user testing.

    What I did:

    User interview Usability review Information architecture Wireframes

    Key Deliverables:

    Product: KONSOLE

  • P R O J E C T 3

    The simulation teaches participants the importance of trust in a professional relationship and through an immersive storyline helps them realise and understand the building blocks behind Trust.


    Making an idea into a working prototype. This involves requirements gathering, personas, wireframing, information architecture, prototyping, user testing. I also worked on front-end styling.

    What I did:

    Persona Wireframes User Interface design Prototype CSS

    Key Deliverables: User feedback: More game

    like and very engaging. User feedback: 4/5


    Product: Trust Sim

  • T O O L S

    W I R E F R A M I N G

    U I D E S I G N I N G

    P R O T O T Y P I N G

    O T H E R S


    C O N F E R E N C E S

    Human-Computer Interaction

    Created by: University of California, San Diego

    On: Coursera

    UXLink - Spring16

    C O U R S E S

    User Experience for the WebCreated by: Open2Study

    Product Design (Ongoing)

    Built by: GoogleOn: Udacity

  • This portfolio is just a tip of the iceberg

    To know more about me, please do contact me

    +91 7760483045

    @sandeepbvnr / @uxmagician