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CUMHURİYET SECONDARY SCHOOL Kumluca/Antalya TÜRKİYE Tel ./ fax: 0090 242 887 11 51 0090 242 887 95 15 E-mail : 252723@meb.k12.tr. “RECYCLE TODAY FOR A BETTER TOMORROW”. RESEARCH REPORT ON RECYCLING IN TURKEY. Partners: Scoala Gimnaziala Scaesti – Romania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


CUMHURYET SECONDARY SCHOOL Kumluca/Antalya TRKYE Tel./fax: 0902428871151 E-mail:

CUMHURYET SECONDARY SCHOOLKumluca/AntalyaTRKYE Tel./fax: 0090 242 887 11 51 0090 242 887 95 15

E-mail: 252723@meb.k12.tr


Partners:Scoala Gimnaziala Scaesti RomaniaCumhuriyet Secondary School TurkeyZesp Szk Publicznych w Bystrzycy Starej - PolandRiga Jugla Secondary School LatviaC.E.I.P. Miguel de Cervantes SpainState Scholarships Foundation GreeceDo you know the benefits of reducing,reusing and recycling?Among 450 pupils,93% answered as yes. Thanks to the mass-media and the campaigns ,most of them are aware of the benefits of reducing,reusing and recycling.What are the benefits of reducing,reusing and recycling?According to the answers,more than half of the pupls have already known the benefits of 3 Rs.76%Do you know what is glass,paper,plastic made of?The statistic shows that 68% students know the main items of the materials are made of.68%17%15%What can be recycled?According to this diagram,the pupils knowledge about the recyclable materials is very large.39%41%Which could be the consequences f we choose not to reduce,reuse,recycle?

The pupils are aware of the results f they choose not to reduce,reuse,recycle.62%35%3%Who should play an active role to the process of recycling?The answers proves that the pupls know that everyone should play an active role to the process of recycling to live better in the future.Is there an efficent number of recycling cans in your town?67% pupils are agree that there isnt an efficent number of recycling cans in our town to encourage them for recyling.%%33%67%When you go shopping,what kind of material do you choose for the wrapping products?It can be said that pupils do not care about the types of shopping bags.65%35%When you buy something,do you check if the wrapping is environmental friendly?Although the pupls are aware of the importance of recycling,they do not pay attention the wrapping of the products they buy,because 79% of the pupils answered as no.79%What do you do with the waste materials at the picnic?The situation illustrated in the diagram shows that 82% of the pupils protect the environment.82%18%What do you do with paper that is printed on one side?The pupils are so conscious about the use of on one side printed paper that 46% use the other side,39% recycle it. 39%15%46%How often do you recycle?As the pupils know the importance and benefits of recycling,they choose recycling.52%12%14%22%Why should we recycle?The diagram shows that the pupils know the reason of why they should recycle.Have you ever tried to reduce energy and water consumption?56% have already tried energy and water consumption,44% havent yet.They should pay more attention to this subject.56%44%Is your school involved in a recycling programme?80% of the pupils who answered yes described as recycling activities: actions of gathering the garbage in the school garden or the seaside of the town and activities in which they made different objects like cards,trees using recycling activities,they collect plastics,batteries and paper for recycling at school. And almost all of the pupils in our school who anwered this interview guide involved in this recycling process,too. 80%18%2%What kind of material is recycled at your school?At our school,mostly paper,plastic and batteries are recycled.There are some special bins made by pupils in their classes.66%Have you ever participated in a school project about recycle?The school has already participated in a recycling project of the City Hall and the other schools projects in our town.At last , this comenus project contributes to pupils knowledge about recycling so much.29%18%53%Can you propose any recycling activities to be organized in your school?The pupils who answered as yes suggested to have more recycling bins both in classes and school garden,to organize a paper,plastic,glass recycling campaign and prepare some posters to stamp every part of the school even the town. 37%63%Are you able to bring reusable and recyclable material to school?The pupils are interesed in the idea of bringing reusable and recyclable material to school.They need just a small encourage to start.Will you personally participate in the recycling activities?%68 of the pupils are so eager to participate and do something for the world as soon as possible.%68In brief,The pupils know the fact that reducing,reusing and recycling is the best way to live in a better world.It is time to make this idea come true with recycling activities.This project is the real opportunity for our pupils to make them have pro-ecological behaviors.So lets start working on this theme.