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  • It was Jessies first day at a new place, a new beginning, Taylors University. Many have told Jessie about the spoiled rich kids with bad aYtudes that Taylors had. Regardless, she went for her first lecture with an open mind, where she met 3 other girls and was later placed in the same group with them. She was uncomfortable as the girls were wearing heavy makeup and were also dressed in branded ou\its.


    DEFINITION: A stereotype assumes that all members of a group share some common features.

    Before geYng know the 3 girls, Jessie has stereotyped thinking that they were actually spoiled rich kids with bad aYtudes, just from their looks. She has created the schema to fit all 3 girls into the same category/ group of people.

  • During the group discussion, J e s s i e s h o w e d h e r unpleasantness to be with them in the same group as she had a stereotype that they are spoilt rich kids. The aYtude of Jessie caused that the girls to create a bad first impression of her. They started to talk about brand stuffs and le` Jessie out of the conversaaon.

  • Jessie felt herself has been isolated by the girls. She bangs her hand on the table and storms off. On the next day of schoo l , wh i le Jess ie was entering the classroom she heard her classmates gossiping about her.


    DEFINITION: A first impression is the event when one person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person.

    With the occurrence of Jessie talking rudely, the 3 girls have created a first impression of Jessie as grumpy and impolite. The mental image of Jessie in the minds of the 3 girls have been created. Now that the girls have that first impression, they have spread the rumor of Jessie calling her an introvert. Now, Jessies first impression to everyone is the same as the 3 girls.

  • Jessie went back to her house a`er school. Finding what lies behind close doors, there stood her father, holding a bodle of beer. This was when Jessie realized he was drunk. Due to his intoxicaaon, he grabbed her. Jessie first insanct was to defend herself by throwing her dads hands away. Jessie went running and crying into the storeroom.

  • CONCEPT 3: CORFing

    DEFINITION: Distancing ourselves from others who have failed or behaved badly.

    Jessie had run away, to keep away from the badly behaved, drunken father. The acaon of this shows that CuYng of Reflecave Failure happens so that the behavior doesn't effect Jessie as well.

  • Jessie sat in the corner in the storeroom. (A flashback occurs.) 3 years ago, her father went bankrupt and started to drink excessive amounts of beer everyday. Her father abused her every ame when he was drunk. She shivered with fear, as she had lack of safety and security.


    DEFINITION: Maslows Hierarchy of Needs is a descripDon of the needs that mo7vate human behavior.

    Jessies Hierarchy of Needs such as physiological needs have been fulfilled. However, next of the hierarchy would be safety and security needs which are not fulfilled. Resulang in the others to not be fulfilled as well.

  • When she was about to give up, she found an old newspaper with a case. It described a girl whom her mother passed away when she was only 12 years old. She was sent to an orphanage by her own biological father. While she was in the orphanage she got bullied and even raped by one of the workers there. Then Jessie decide not to give up as she was not the most unfortunate person in the whole world and to decided to stay strong in facing the reality.

  • CONCEPT 5: DOWNWARDS COUNTERFACTUAL THINKING DEFINITION: Downward counterfactual thinking concentrate on how the situa7on could have been worse. In this scenario, a person can make themselves feel be:er about the outcome because they realize that the situaDon is not the worst it could be.

    Instead of pitying herself, Jessie decides to look on the bright side, and tells herself that things could have been worse. Downwards counterfactual thinking makes Jessie feel grateful about her life by comparing herself to a person of a worse scenario. Therefore, she moavates herself to see things in a posiave manner.