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  1. 1. A Story ofABC Uncle &Gelato StudGroup members:1. CAROL WONG(0317742)2. ROZANNA IBAM(0317967)3. TAN YINCY(0318355)4. NEVILLE GEOFFREY SOMI(0317780)5. TRISTAN YU TZE-XIEN(0317729)
  2. 2. CHAPTER 7 :STEREOTYPES, PREJUDICE, AND DISCRIMINATIONSTEREOTYPESpecific beliefsabout a group ofpeopleSpecific on:How they look like,behave and abilitiesIn this View, The Stud STEREOTYPES thegroup of people around his stall :Shabby Man old attire looking. Presume he isPoor thus he dont even bother about himBusiness Man Too busy managing his careerto stop and get dessertsChinese Guy according to Chinese stereotype.Seems too stingy to spend his money.Young Student are less careful at their spendingHot Chick seems gullible and easy to persuade
  3. 3. FIRSTIMPRESSIONEvolutionaryPerspectiveATTRACTIVENESS >AppearanceCHAPTER 4 : PERCEPTION>When she first encounter the two men, she was moreattracted to the Stud because of his physical appearancewhich was a well-dressed young man compare to theABC uncle who was in his plain white shirt.*According to research, it takes one-tenth of a second for us to judgesomeone and make a first impression on others
  4. 4. Chapter 6 : PERSUASIONCialdinis Six Weapons ofinfluenceFactors affecting the persuasion resultsThe Stud who tried to persuade the studentto buy gelato from himHowever the student does not find the offerworth his investment as he has a budget plan andhe was determined to stay focused on his plans,therefore it is difficult persuade him into buyingthe gelatoLIKING > As the Stud was being rude to her, the Hot Chickwas turned off and refused from getting persuadedby the Stud
  5. 5. Chapter 5 : ATTITUDESSPECIFICITYVery specific attitudes are morelikely to be acted on that generalattitudesAttitudes > BehaviorYoung Seller- Bad AttitudeBad-temperedIn the beginning, he was being over confident to persuade the studenthowever after being rejected, his mood changed. He became angry anddirected his anger towards the hot chick thus turning her well as otherpotential customers away from him instead.
  6. 6. Chapter 3 : SOCIAL COGNITIONConfirmation BiasThrough SchemaSeek information/evidence/beliefbeforeMaking final Decision*Definitiontype of selective thinkingwhereby one tends to notice andto look for what confirms onesbeliefs, and to ignore, not lookfor, or undervalue the relevanceof what contradicts ones belief.The Hot Chick was keen to buy ice-cream fromthat old man(Agree) > Old man approached her in a kind manner,which interpreted in a way that supported her beliefs onwise old man showsWarmth , Kindness and Wisdom,(Deny) > whereas the Stud was being rude while tryingto persuade her that reduced her possibilities of buyingfrom him