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A wonderful PowerPoint made in Coach Klein's class.


  • 1. TyLeRBy Preyah James

2. I dont mean toHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU brag. I dont meanUMMMUUUUUUUUUS!!!!!!!!!! HUUUUUUUUU to boast. But I got! Hummus!UUUUUUUUUMHuuummmm some hummus for Im hungry. MMMMMMMUmuuuuussssss mini toast! this UUUUUUUUUS!!s!!!!!!!!!! 3. Cause I go hard inBRICK SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! I ate all BRICKpaint lil homie!yo bologna too lil dawg!FLOCKA! SQUAAAAAAAAAAA ????? 1017 BRICK Why are AAAAAHHHH!!!!! But-- fridge?!AAD!!!!!!!!you in my SQUAD ALL DAY!Sandwich. 4. UH-UGH! you say UGH!Can UGH!!!.what?? somethingRoss?? Rick besides AH!?!?!?!?!?! ugh? 5. Hey, youre FinnDude! Can I see youre from Adventure hair?Yessir.Time. 6. Finn takes hatoff.. 7. Okay, Im goinghome. 8. Im hungry. Should I leavethe game onwhile I go makea sammich???...YOLO 9. You are now entering..Kobe?? Why areSammichyou in my fridge bruh?THE KOBE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!! 10. THE END