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Assignment 2:Comic:The Daily John

The Concepts: StereotypesHalo EffectSocial LoafingSocial FacilitationDiscrimination

STEREOTYPING A social-shared set of general beliefs about certain groupsGeneralising a group based on an attribute shared amongst group members - i.e. race, skin colour, religion, gender etc

John Doe was under the impression that Asians are hard workersBut the idea contradicted to what he sawWhich was a bunch of Asians just hanging out during office hours

Persons one good character or performance might influence the observers overall impression of the personHALO EFFECT

Raj physically looks smart and proper everyone was under the impression that raj is a good office workerThat was not the case with john

SOCIAL LOAFING The tendency for people in a group to give less effort towards attaining a common goal than when individually accountable.

For example, when working on a group assignment, only a few of people will really put their efforts in.

Upon being placed in a group with Omputeh and Ali John had observed their behavioursAli in particular seemed distracted, and decided to take a bathroom breakA LONG bathroom breakSeeing that both Omputeh and John were being attentive to the task at hand, the sense of work-force dependency and responsibility from Alis point of view were significantly reducedHence Reduced in work performance = Social Loafing

SOCIAL FACILITATION Individuals perform better in the presence of other people or when in a group

Previously, Omputeh was chitchatting in the office but during meetings he was being pro-active and productiveThis shows social facilitation because Omputeh performed better in a group as oppose to working alone

DISCRIMINATIONA negative attitude towards members of a group.

Raj asked John to come hang out with himJohn declined the invitation under the preconception that raj is an overall bad PersonDue to the fact that John declined because of Rajs attitude this shows Johns Discrimination towards raj

CreditsLee Fei Syen@Jeanette LeeVun Tze Lin @Rainnie VunnThomas TingHarris Aziz

Lecturer: Shankar Thiruchelvam