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  1. 1. Watercolor Comic Strips
  2. 2. How is watercolordifferent from acrylicpaint?
  3. 3. What is a comic?Greek word, kmikos-pertaining to comedyVisual & VerbalTells a narrative storySequential images
  4. 4. History 1920s:SUNDAY STRIPcolorful funnies
  5. 5. DAILY STRIP- Monday-Saturday(black & white)
  6. 6. ArtistsWesley Morse1897 - 1963Bazooka JoeBubble Gum
  7. 7. ArtistsCharles Schulz1922 - 2000Peanuts-Most Popular ComicCharlie Brown & Snoopy
  8. 8. ArtistsBruce BlitzPhiladelphia, PALine of art books,cartooning videos,& art kits. His Website
  9. 9. Education & Salary $46,000Must have good drawing skills.Training in:Art,History,Government,Political Science,LiteratureArt History Government ScienceBachelors Degree RecommendedOften take online classes
  10. 10. Other Careers in the ARTsInformational Site
  11. 11. See how its doneVideoTips from a realcartoon artist
  12. 12. MaterialsPencilsRulersEraserMarkersPaintPaper
  13. 13. What cartoonists considerTitleDesignPanel PlacementCharacter TraitsExpressionScriptHumorViewers ResponseVisual MovementSpeech Bubbles
  14. 14. Speech BubblesDifferencebetween speech,thought, &exclamation
  15. 15. Animating charactersChange anglesof eyes, nose,mouth,eyebrows, &body parts
  16. 16. Visual MovementCharacters move & interact with othercharacters & their environment.Move Left to RightDirection body is facing
  17. 17. Gesture Drawing Quick Sketch Start with line/curve of spine Add arms/legs Fill in to show form
  18. 18. Human Figure Human body proportions change with age. Average human- 7-8 head lengths tall & 3 head lengths wide.
  19. 19. Animal FigureProportions Vary
  20. 20. Your assignmentThe goal of this lesson is for you to becomefamiliar with comic illustration and visualmovement. You will design & create an originalcharacter and then a 4-6 panel comic strip basedon an event in the characters life.
  21. 21. Follow Your Guidelines!!
  22. 22. Questions to Help Get YouStarted!What types of comics do I like to read? Whatis my sense of humor?What would make an interesting story for acomic strip?How can I tell a story visually with few words& express my characters personality?
  23. 23. Examples