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  1. 1. Subject : Social Psychology Assignment : Comic strip Group members : Ignatius Gee (0320069) Aaron Chong (0320270) Chau Xet Nee (0320222) Le Jia Nian (0319957)
  2. 2. Plot One fine day, James and Marco people having leisure walk around and noticed an attractive vacancy as a promoter. Both of them pass the interview start their work on the next day. Before that, James emphasizes his attire and outward appearances where Marco simply leaves his cloth and hair in a messy way. James works hard to strive the given task by explaining the details patiently. Besides, he also speaks in a soft and persuasive manner to every of his customer. Conversely, Marco is just sleeping there and never cares of his results when there are no customers around. But, when customer approaches to him and as for the detail, he shows out a rude manner to them. In the end of the month, James got praised by the manager and get his allowances as well where Marco get scold as he screw up his target given and never cares of it. James never shows an arrogant attitude and promises himself to hit a higher achievement the next month.
  3. 3. 5 Concepts Extrinsic motivation Social interaction Liking Counterfactual thinking Self serving bias
  4. 4. #Concept 1 Extrinsic Motivation External motivation provides satisfaction and pleasure that task itself provided. Certain advantages that urged an individual to take action or response to it because of the anticipated satisfaction. A kind of motivation refers to an individual tendency to perform for known external rewards.
  5. 5. James and Marco got attracted by vacancy board. It is a high pay salary for being a sales promoter. Surely, there are terms & conditions for it.
  6. 6. #Concept 2 Social Interaction Is a basis process of whole social order. A social process though the way people talk and act between two individuals or more. It always in a form of mutual.
  7. 7. James and Marco are having communication with people such as: 1. Interview 2. Promoting 3. Conversation 4. Scolding It is an interaction between two or more individuals.
  8. 8. #Concept 3 - Liking Numerous factors influence an individual mind in which likes and satisfaction are felt and expressed. An individual will change his decision based on the reflected attitude by others. An individual will agree on something that not necessary for them just because people make themselves more likeable.
  9. 9. James shows a persuasive manner and well dressing himself. He patiently explains the details of the televisions and the outcomes are well by his customers. Conversely, Marco shows a bad manner and with an inappropriate dressing. He shows out an impatient manner to his customers and he has a worse outcomes than James.
  10. 10. #Concept 4 -Downward Counterfactual Thinking An individual tendency to create an alternative way to hide themselves out from the fault. An individual will bring themselves into self-comforting after producing a negative outcome. Individual felt fortunate enough in comparison and decline to enhance themselves from the past experiences.
  11. 11. In the end of the month, manager conclude the result of James and Marco. Marco carried his fault from being a bad promoters and got blamed by his manager. His thought guided him to a self- comforting after producing a negative outcome and just let go for the allowance.
  12. 12. #Concept 5 Self Serving Bias An individual tendency to attribute a higher achievement or a successful behaviour when they reach their goal. Focus on their strengths and overlook their faults and failures. An individual will not get arrogant after achieve a high achievement but been themselves in an overly favourable manner.
  13. 13. James got praised by his manger and got his allowance by selling the televisions. He never acts arrogant to others for this achievement and aim a higher result for the next month.