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  • Comic StripsGraphic Design 1

  • Who is your favorite Superhero?

  • Comic Strips: A sequence of images arranged in an order to display brief humor or form a narrative.

  • HistoryStarted in black and white in the 1920s newspapersMeant to be comicalHave been a way to tell a story, define culture, and express a social issue for years.

  • Where can you find comic strips?Newpaper has a daily comic strip and a colored one on Sundays. Today, movies gain ideas from comic strips. EX. Marvel and DC Comics

  • What makes an effective comic strip?An effective comic strip has a goalIt is simpleIt has a background story and character(s)2 - 3 colors are usedAn effective comic strips purpose is clear

  • BrainstormingWork out your storyChoose a CharacterChoose a SettingDecide on Colors

  • The ProjectCreate a 3 - 6 panel comic strip in PhotoshopMust have a characters.Must have a purpose of end result.Use of 2 - 3 colors.

  • Create a story of a superhero that fixes a problem with a super power.

  • Examples

  • Examples