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My version of a comic strip inspired by Marvel


<ul><li> 1. Super Pappy<br />AND<br />The Great Lisbon Earthquake<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. You certainly do, probably none of them have some sort of education. We need to take action, they can be terribly hurt.<br />Hi Master, I just found out theres another cocoa production in Brazil, and all the workers are children, I need to help!<br /> 3. I know, but what should I do? I mean, its organised by my villain: Black Fire! And its protected all the way around with evil guards.<br />You have to go there, and find out what hes planning. He is probably aware youll take action soon enough.<br /> 4. Lets go to our headquarters and discuss it there.He might have someone following us.<br />I know,thats why Im so worried.<br /> 5. It might be that strange person back there, lets go, quick.<br /> 6. In the Head Quarters<br /> 7. Okay, you should fly to Brazilreally fast, so no one can see you.Then put a costume andpretend you are one of the mean workers. Then hell start talking to you, maybe even ask for some tips on child labour, youll become friends, or at least he thinks!<br />Yeah, he will start trusting me and then I would attack, that would be great! Black Fire is going to be defeated again!<br /> 8. Quick, let's go out of here, it's dangerous!!!<br />I think its an earthquake, Ive heard about it before<br /> 9. Look,there are children dying, in danger, you have to save them!<br />Yes, I'll be back when all of the children are safe and sound, meet me in France, okay?<br /> 10. As the super hero was saving the children<br /> 11. Yes, yes, I'm here to save you.<br />Help me, help me!I'm scared Theres fire everywhere.<br /> 12. Thank you so much, I feel so much better. Thank you! Thank you! God bless you.<br /> 13. As the super hero flew away, he heard children screaming, it wasn't like the other screams, these were different<br /> 14. Black Fire, I don't believe you. Here it is, all these children suffering and you are making it worst, how can you?<br />Easily, especially with my super powers, since they are better than yours!<br /> 15. First, you'll have to go through me, because I won't let you save those horrible children.<br />I'm not going to get into a stupid fight with an evil villain.That would be a complete waste of time.My goal is to save children.<br /> 16. We'll see<br />BOOM<br /> 17. And with that the super hero destroyed Black Fire in a flash, with his super strength he picked him up, flew high up and left him in Universe, where he wouldnt come back until he found a solution.<br /> 18. Where am I; where am I?I hate that super hero.<br /> 19. I guess part of my job is done. Now I can spend the rest of the day saving children.<br /> 20. And with that all of the children were saved and they lived happily ever after.<br />But that wasn't the end, the whole Lisbon had been destroyed<br /> 21. France here I come!<br /> 22. Yes, after fighting Black Fire and saving all the children in danger and bringing them happiness, health and safety!<br />Hello, hello, you made it!<br /> 23. He made trouble again?<br />Yes, but he's off to space and won't be back for a long, long time<br /> 24. Totally destroyed, we'll have to rebuild it first. Well need to sit down and do city planning.<br />Good job, now how's Lisbon?<br /> 25. And just like that they rebuiltLisbon in an orderly and modern fashion. They fed the living and buried the dead.<br /> The End<br /></p>