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  1. 1. Social Psychology Comic Strip Pe Zhi Yong (0319765) Yong Man Kit (0319778) Mohamad Adib Ismail (0321532) Lim Jay Shen (0319796) Siti Nur Fatahiah (0320595)
  2. 2. From Zero to Hero
  3. 3. Storyline This is a story about a young woman who lived in Indonesia named Lisa. Being poor and famine, she decided to run away from her village and migrate to Malaysia illegally in hopes of a better future. Unfortunately, due to the fact that she was uneducated and an illegal immigrant, she could not find any job in Malaysia like she has hoped. Unable to afford a place to live in, she started living in an alley behind shop lots. Due to desperation and starvation, she started stealing food from the grocery stores for survival. Until one day, a businessman found her begging on the streets and decided to lend her a helping hand. He provided shelter, food, and a job as his housemaid. After some time, she has befriended a gardener who works around the residential area everyday, and they started to fall in love. When her employer found out about their relationship, he started to treat her badly, thus, worker abuse was shown. So she planned to runaway from the house with the gardener she loves. They then found jobs as dishwashers at a restaurant. However, the locals looked down upon them and treated them badly. So,they saved money and took a baking course in a Bakery Institution. In that time, Lisa made a lot of friends from the institution and she started to have appreciation for beauty and aesthetic nature of thing. Later, she went back to Indonesia and got a legal migrate as marriage to her lover. Then they opened a small bakery. The bakery became a success and they started a franchise in Malaysia. Now, they have also established a non-profit organisation for donating psychological needs to Indonesian immigrant workers in Malaysia. Now , Lisa continues living her dreams and gained improvements, and uses their potential to the fullest.
  4. 4. Concept Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Sociological Perspectives Stereotype Aversive Emotional Arousal Extrinsic motivation
  5. 5. Concept Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs In this story, has showed the every progress of Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs . From a poor illegal immigrant to a successful bakery founder Self- Actualization Aesthetic Intellectual Self Esteem Love and Belonging Safety and Security Physiological Needs
  6. 6. Concept Self- Actualization - became bakery founder Aesthetic - beauty Intellectual - study institution Self Esteem - free from abusive employer Love and Belonging - loving gardener Safety and Security - shelter Physiological Needs - money and food
  7. 7. Concept Sociological Perspectives -Evolutionary Perspective In the story, our main character stole money from food, which can be both right and wrong, as it depends on ones perspective. For instance, if you treat her act as a survival instinct, it is not incorrect for her to steal, as she wants to survive, to continue her life. However, one might also say she is committing a criminal act as stealing is considered a crime, according to law.
  8. 8. Concept Stereotype In the story, our character was constantly being targeted as a racism and sexism victim by her colleagues. This is because she was a poor immigrant, therefore she was always looked down upon by others. This can be considered as stereotype, as those people judged her according to her race and economic factor without knowing her real potential.
  9. 9. Concept Aversive Emotional Arousal Aggressive behavior is a response to aversive emotional arousal, such as anger. The host started to treat her badly and worker abuse was shown.So she planned to runaway from the house to reduce negative affect
  10. 10. Concept Motivation - Extrinsic motivation Taking a certain action in response to external pressure or obligation Might be done to earn a specific reward. She make a decision to spend her saving money for studying a baking course in a Bakery Institution for better future life
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  12. 12. The End ~
  13. 13. Concept Self - efficacy Your belief in your ability to achieve certain goals People with high self-efficacy see difficult tasks as challenges She did not gave up and continue to achieve her goal as become a successful person