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Social facilitation occurs when people are performing (well-learned performances) in the presence of others, yet their individual contributions can clearly be identified.

E.g. Ah Boons downside is his inability to shoot precisely but he is great in passing.

STEREOTYPINGA stereotype assumes that all members of a group share some common feature

E.g. Ah Boon, being the only Chinese in the team full of Indians and Malays causing the rest of the team stereotyping him as someone who doesnt know how to play football

SITUATIONAL ATTRIBUTIONSAssuming that the cause of an action is due to external/environmental factors

E.g. Ah Boons performance dropped drastically because this is his first match and there are a lot pressure on him.

OBSERVATIONAL LEARNINGWatching others (models) engage in behaviors and then repeating those actions

E.g. Ah Boon and the rest of the team watches how the captain engages in playing the game, thus, encouraging them to more confident in themselves and perform better

SELF-EFFICACYYour belief in your ability to achieve certain goals

E.g. Ah Boon and the team became more confident after seeing the effort the captain is giving in. Therefore, they believed in themselves and they performed confidently leading them towards the goal, winning the game.