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  • 1. PRO-ACTIVE central London Hosted by: Part of the National County Sports Partnership Network
  • 2. Helping 7 London boroughs provide sport and physical activity opportunities to their 1.7 million residents and the 1 million people who travel into central London every day. PRO-ACTIVE central London We receive our core funding from Sport England, and we translate national goals into local action and results. 1 of 49 county sport and physical activity partnerships across England. The 5 partnerships in London are branded PRO-ACTIVE London.
  • 3. About us We aim to harness the many opportunities that central London has to offer, inspiring individuals to take part in sport and physical activity in their local communities. Because of this were built from the grassroots up, and involve a broad range of partners, including: Sports clubs Community and voluntary groups Leisure facilities Schools, colleges, and universities The local NHS Local authorities Community Sport and Physical Activity Networks (CSPANs) National governing bodies of sport
  • 4. Where we work 12 7 6 4 5 3 1. Islington 2. Camden 3. Kensington and Chelsea 4. Lambeth 5. Southwark 6. Wandsworth 7. Westminster
  • 5. How the partnership works Bringing together local and national agencies with seven borough based community networks Understanding the needs of our richly diverse population is a strength of the Community Sport and Physical Activity Networks, which are central to the partnership. Operating at borough level, they consist of local partners all working together to lead, plan and provide sport and physical activity opportunities in their specific areas.
  • 6. How PRO-ACTIVE Central London fits into the regional and national landscape Participants in sport and physical activity Providers Clubs, coaches, volunteers and leaders National and London regional partners (eg. Sport England, national governing bodies for sport, Sports Coach UK, County Sports Partnership Network, Greater London Assembly, NHS, PRO-ACTIVE North, South, East, and West) ProActive Camden ProActive Southwark Kensington and Chelsea CSPAN Active Westminster Active Wandsworth Lambeth CSPAN ProActive Islington PoLicy, iNvestmeNt LocaL iNteLLigeNce iNvestmeNt, advice, PLaNNiNg, Programmes rePreseNtatioN, LocaL iNteLLigeNce activities that meet Needs, iNvestmeNt Needs
  • 7. The partnership vision Partners collaborating effectively to increase participation and the quality and sustainability of sport and physical activity in central London We collaborate We inspire We make a positive difference We act with integrity Our collective values
  • 8. Lasting results Sustainable sport and physical activity opportunities Improved educational attainment, training and employment Social cohesion and stronger communities Improved health and wellbeing Reduced obesity and inactivity-related health conditions Increased participation Effective collaboration through Community Sport & Physical Activity Networks Higher levels and better use of investment Co-ordinated planning and implementation Stronger clubs and other community providers Improved flow of useful information across central London partners Better understanding and evidence of customer and community needs Improved quality of experience
  • 9. What we do All of PRO-ACTIVE Central Londons work is guided by ten strategic objectives Partnership objectives Partnership results Support national governing bodies of sport to increase participation and establish progression routes Additional 200,000 into local boxing More young people enjoying sport in education and moving into community-based activities Over 200 different Sportivate projects Low participation groups doing more sport and physical activity Annual 5K fun walk/jog/run for public sector staff Through investment, develop the current and future workforce both paid and unpaid. 196 new coaches trained, 299 enhanced coaching qualifications in 2012/13 Widen access to, and increase the use of, existing facilities Gathered details on all places and spaces to play sport locally Partnership objectives Partnership results Build the capacity of local clubs and providers through targeted investment Resources, information and mentoring for clubs Effective communications lead to a consistent and credible image for the partnership 12,000 + listings of local activities Attract growing levels of investment in sport and physical activity Funding alerts and advice. Secured 1,075,000 for partners in 2012/13 The partnership evolves and is strengthened by engaging appropriate partners and quality service providers Connecting people. 100+ organisations involved in our networks Maintain and support strong CSPANs across all 7 boroughs Recommendations on strategy, membership, structures and operation
  • 10. Benefits for partners Partnership objectives Partnership results Local authorities and CSPANS (Community Sport & Physical Activity Networks) A collective voice Advice and support to deliver local priorities Sharing good practice National funding for local programmes Schools, colleges and universities A chance to tap into community sport opportunities Opportunities for young people to participate, and become coaches or volunteers Sharing good practice National funding for local programmes National governing bodies of sport Information about local priorities, opportunities and contacts Support with local implementation of national plans Networking opportunities Clubs and voluntary groups A collective voice for the needs of clubs Sharing good practice A range of support, advice, funding information and training to help develop quality and sustain success Sport and leisure facilities Information about funding and partnership opportunities, and help in accessing them NHS and local authority public health programmes A communication network for physical activity leads Information about opportunities for physical activity and sport that can contribute to health and wellbeing
  • 11. Hosted by: Part of the National County Sports Partnership Network