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  • School Visit Bournemouth June 10th ,2014Francisco CimadevillaMario Crespo

  • City In my opinion the city is very big ,in Bournemouth the shops are very beautiful funny and bigs. The buildings are taller and colorfullyAnd in the town centre there is a big park whit a river.

  • THE FOODFor the majority the food was scanty but they said to us that tomorrow it was improving

  • The shoppingWe liked the purchases because we buy very handsome things for our families

  • BUSWe went in autobus to the bowling and it was very enterteining because the bus was two floors

  • The bowlingIn the bowling alley we spend it very well though I (Kiko) always was remaining last Gemma was winning myself always

  • ReturnWe did the return like the going in a similar bus

  • SEE,THINK,WONDERThe big ballon

  • SEE,THINK,WONDERSEE:In this photo we can see a big ballon wich is in the town centre in the park.THINK:This is an turist transportWONDER:Why is a big ballon in the park?

  • Similarities and differencesIn Asturias we drive on the right and in Bournemouth they drive on the leftIn Asturias we speak more louder than BournemouthBournemouth was founded in 1810 and Asturias in S.V a.C.In Bournemouth there is a difference hour that in Asturias

  • Similarities and differencesAsturias and Bournemouth have beach and mountains.In the two sites there are the same shops.The buses are the same.In the two sites there are Burguer King and KFC.

  • Photos of Bournemouth/Asturias