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"7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Opened, Read and Acted Upon."


  • 1.Does Your EmailMarketing Suck ? 7 Killer Tips To GetYour Emails Read email profits Kurt Johansen MBA

2. email profits

  • During this presentation you will learn:
  • How To Effectively Conduct Email Marketing
  • and have more sales and more profit in your business
  • Why and How the7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Read were created;
  • What is Email Marketing;
  • What you are permitted to do via email;
  • The7 REALbenefits email marketing brings to your business;
  • The 7 Killer Tips one-by-one ;
  • The2key elements to all email marketing campaigns; and
  • How toget email marketing working for you NOW.

3. email profits

  • WHY and HOWthe 7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Readwere created.

4. email profits

  • I dont market to existing customers;
  • Besides it costs too much to market;
  • I dont have the time to market;
  • Im anot a marketer.

The Top Four Business Marketing Frustrations (As surveyed by Johansen International during 2007) AND All businesses surveyed knew their inability to handle just one or more of these frustrations was costing them MONEY. 5. email profits Imagine What Would Happen If You Could Overcome One Or All OfThe Top Four Business Marketing Frustrations 6. So, what is Email Marketing? email profits

  • Its using Email to
    • Create immediate cash surges
    • Drive traffic to your website
    • Keep in touch with customers

7. email profits

  • The Legalities
  • What are you allowed to do?
  • Collect names and addresses;
  • Contact people who have a reasonable expectance to receive your emails;
  • What mustyou do?
  • Have an easy unsubscribe system;
  • Cease immediately when somebody asks you to.

8. The 7 Real Benefits Of Email Marketing

  • IncreasesSales
  • Reduces Marketing Costs
  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Shortens Sales Cycles
  • GeneratesReferrals
  • Saves Time via Automation
  • Maximises Branding Penetration

email profits 9. Are You Ready For The 7 Killer Tips To GetYour Emails Read Lets Do It ! email profits 10. Killer Tip Number One:

  • The Secret to Creating Credibility and Why Its A Must To Use An Email Address People Will Trust & Recognise.
  • Or
  • Who Are You ?

email profits 11. email profits

  • First questions:
  • Who are you?
  • What do you want?
  • Have anemail addressor name which is recognizable to the recipient.

12. email profits

  • Use your name or your main address.
  • From Armand Morin ( [email_address] )
  • From Frank Kern ( [email_address] )
  • From John Carlton ( [email_address] )
  • From Stephen Pierce ( [email_address] )

13. email profits

  • AVOID using
  • Hotmail or Gmail addresses in Email Marketing.
  • It doesnt ooze professionalism.

14. Killer Tip Number Two:

  • Revealing The Closely Guarded SecretUsed By Experts Thats Guaranteed ToGet All Your Emails Opened.
  • Or
  • What Do You Want?

email profits 15. email profits

  • Ensure your intrusion in their life is pleasant.
  • Use their first name in the email address line.
  • AND
  • Engage them with an alluring subject line.

16. email profits

  • Create curiosity
  • Step 2 of the7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Readserves only one purpose
  • And that is
  • To get your email opened.

17. email profits

  • General Rules to Obey for Subject Line.
  • - Limit to 50 characters or 6-8 words.
  • -Start words with a Capital Letter and use
  • Create curiosity toforcethem to open the email.

18. email profits

        • Some Examples:
  • Hi Pam, Inside This Email We Have Included...
  • Hi Rob, I know Its Friday But
  • Hi Mary, I Must Apologise For
  • Hi Tammy, This Months VIP Club Offer Is

19. Killer Tip Number Three:

  • How To Write Attention Grabbing Headlines Which Will Explode Off The Screen
  • Or
  • The Email Headline

email profits 20. email profits

  • Killer Tip 3:
  • serves as theENTRANCEorGATEWAYto your email message.

21. email profits

  • Writing headlines is a learned skill
  • Gethelp if you need
  • I like to include images based around the headline, such as:

22. email profits With 11 letters of offers out there this well-positioned and much loved residence is bound to be sold this weekend So Paul, If you are considering owning For thosebornon the 4th of July it means HAPPY BIRTHDAY. For all others it means 23. email profits Have you ever heard the phrase, Safe as the Bank of England ? Well "Announcing the Most Valuable Christmas Present You Will Receive This Year. Australias Highest Paid Copywriter & Sales Strategist Gives You $838.80 Worth of His Best Money Making Advice for... FREE! Bank of England 24. email profits

  • Headlines depends on your list.
  • Bulk email marketers are ignoring headlines.
  • Test with your list.
  • I find headlines are a great segue intoKiller Tip 4.

25. Killer Tip Number Four:

  • Discover Million Dollar Techniques To Cause The Reader To Take Action
  • Or
  • The Email Content

email profits 26. email profits

  • Email Content Is King Or is it?
  • Depends on the message and who is receiving it.
  • The email often will not relate to everyone on your list it happens.

27. email profits

  • Email Content Is King Or is it?
  • Segment your lists as much as possible and send them meaningful offers and information.
  • Match the message to the right person.
  • One email = one main message.

28. email profits

  • Email Content Is King Or is it?
  • The length of an email is determined by your list
  • Long or Short message (with a link)?
  • Testto find out what works for you.

29. email profits

  • Long Emails:
  • Learn copywriting or as we know it
  • Emotional Direct Response Advertising.
  • Get help if needed.

30. email profits

  • Short Emails:
  • Becoming popular with some marketers.
  • This strategy entices recipients to click on a link and be transported to a sales page or video.

31. email profits

  • Short Emails: An example of one I recently received is:
  • From:Frank Kern
  • Date:Wednesday, 12 November 2008 11:19 AM
  • To:[email_address]
  • Subject:beautiful!
  • This video does a beautiful job of showing you a detailed process map of what a killer launch look like. It'll play automatically. Enjoy :-) Frank

32. email profits

  • Short Emails:
  • This strategy tries to avoid filters by using less words in the email content.
  • The marketing message is delivered away from the email inbox.
  • So, what do you do?

TEST 33. email profits

  • Lets recap:
  • Killer Tip 1:The Secret to Creating Credibility and WhyIts A Must To Use An Email Address PeopleWill Trust & Recognise.
  • Killer Tip 2: Revealing The Closely Guarded SecretUsed By Experts Thats Guaranteed ToGet All Your Emails Opened.
  • Killer Tip 3: How To Write Attention Grabbing HeadlinesWhich Will Explode Off The Screen
  • Killer Tip 4: Discover Million Dollar Techniques To CauseThe Reader To Take Action

Use a name they know. Subject line, Hi (first name) Create Curiosity. Excite and test images. Create emotional copy. 34. Killer Tip Number Five:

  • :How To Sneak Under The Spam Filters Radar - Invisible Stealth Attack Tactics Used By Gurus To Get Past The Toughest Security Defences
  • Or
  • How To Send Your Email

email profits 35. email profits

  • Emails are filtered
  • Know which words to modify or avoid
  • Use a reputable email sending program to do this.

36. email profits

  • Some words I have found to modify or change:
  • Exciting,
  • interview,
  • opportunity,
  • discover,
  • overseas,
  • free,