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James Waite, Digital Marketing Executive at the Blue Hat Group the Catalyst Global's partner in the UK, shares his learned insights into Email Marketing with the Catalyst Global Partner Network at our recent EuroZone Meeting in July 2014


  • 1. Email Marketing

2. Step 1. Ideas brainstormType?OfferProduct promotionNewsletterCompetitionNews storiesWeb page/site launchCustomer feedbackFormat?RT (rich text)HTML 3. Step 2. Data/SegmentationSegmented data allows us to create emails with a bespoke approach. We often splitour data and subsequently our emails into three categories:ClientsVenuesAgenciesWe separate our emails for our brands into different campaigns so that if a contactunsubscribes from brand A, we can still contact them about brand B!Query strings allow us to populate each email with the contacts first and last nameas well as the specific Account Managers name and email for that contact in thesignature. This enables a more personalised approach.We can also populate the email with other contact information fields such as theircompany, job title and interests. 4. Step 3. Design and CopywritingOld school design techniques are best for rendering emails in most clients. Thismeans HTML and tables are the order of the day. Some email clients will read stylesheets, but generally its best to avoid using CSS and stick to HTML where possiblefor consistency. 5. Step 4. Design TestingEmail platforms render HTML emails differently. What looks good in Gmail mightlook so great in Outlook. Testing your email on all major email clients istherefore paramount to ensuring a consistent layout.We have to test for both desktop and mobile clients too.Test, test, test! 6. Step 5. Split testing subject linesSplit testing subject lines enables us to better understand what wordsand phrases our audience respond to. Split testing involves creating2/3 different subject lines for one email that get sent evenly to 20% ofour data list for 30 minutes. The one with the highest open rate is thensent to the remaining 80%. Brazil World Cup 2014 CompetitionWelcome To Brazil, JamesGet Your Hands on a 50 Sports GiftCardWinner!Welcome To Brazil, James30 minutes later 7. Step 6. SchedulingEmail opensby time of dayEmail opensby day ofweekWe tend to send our emailsfrom 11:30 16:00 betweenTuesday and Thursday formaximum exposure.These statistics may vary byindustry though, so itsalways worth testingalternative scheduling. 8. Step 7. Send! 9. Step 8. Wait for Enquiries 10. 11. . 12. .. 9.Reporting 13. Industry StandardOpen & click rates 14. Step 10. Clicks to salesThis metric allows us to see who clicked onspecific links within an email. If an email has anumber of links to our products we separate thisdata out and then distribute it to the sales teamto follow up. 15. Step 11. Ring, ringI see youreinterested in MexicanRailway!........ 16. Further Reading