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  1. 1. Email Organization Hacks Get your life in order, all ready! Joyce Brafford NCBA Center for Practice Management
  2. 2. Prioritize! Define your top 6: Top people or Top Matters that are highest priority this week Focus on priorities first.
  3. 3. Delete as Soon as Possible If youre not going to read it, respond to it, or delegate it, DELETE IT! Your inbox is not a task list- keep reminders elsewhere
  4. 4. Use Folders Organize Your Email for Future Reference. Use matter-numbers, dates, names- what ever makes sense within the context of your office This is no time to get creative Only save emails that are important for record keeping, client communication, or other long-term purpose.
  5. 5. Categorize Urgent/ Priority Matters Important/ Non-priority Matters Non-urgent/ low importance Every email fits into one of these categories. Assign every email a priority level, and start working your way through. Youre not a fast food establishment- Your email priority isnt first come; first served.
  6. 6. Schedule Email Time Schedule time to read and respond to email. Stopping every 5 minutes to check your account wastes time. You lose time regaining your train of thought, moving back and forth between programs, and SQUIRREL!!
  7. 7. Use Your Task List Use your built-in task list for follow up activities. Dont keep an email in your inbox as a reminder Create specific tasks with deadlines to be more productive
  8. 8. Use Supplemental Programs Use programs like Follow Up Then to send you automatic reminders, follow-up notices, and to resend email at a time when you can handle it.
  9. 9. Questions? Contact the NCBAs Center for Practice Management at: