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  • 1. Email EtiquetteTipsFor Professionals

2. The Internet age brought instantaneouscommunications with a more casualinteraction than face-to-face or eventelephone communications. 3. However, an experienced financial advisorrecruiter warns of the hazards of thisimportant tool; misdirected communications,emails that are too personal in nature, andthoughtless interactions can createmisunderstandings and hard feelings. 4. To prevent these problems, anetiquette protocol for business andprofessional email communications isneeded.Subject: etiquette protocol 5. Implementing this etiquette on a dailybasis will ensure that you preserve aprofessional attitudeand make your communications bothvaluedand welcomed.Subject: professional attitude 6. Include A ClearSubject LineMessage 7. Provide immediate information aboutwhat's in the email so that the recipientcan deal with it in atimely fashion.Subject: immediate information 8. For example, if a meeting time hasbeen changed, include that informationdirectly in the subject line to avoid thecommunication being overlooked, whichcould lead to inconvenience.Subject: immediate information 9. Because the subject line often influenceswhether a person decides to read theemail immediately or put it off until alater time, your subject line messagecan be critical to time-sensitiveinformation.Subject: immediate information 10. Only UseProfessionalSalutations 11. Regardless of how close yourrelationship with the recipient, businesscommunications should always use aprofessional salutation. 12. This choice not only ensures that yourcommunication is sent to the correct party, italso preserves the professional tone of thecommunication, both immediately and infuture records. 13. Be Sensitive ToCulturalDifferences 14. In many cultures, business andprofessional communications are giventhe highest levels of politeness andcourtesy.Subject: politeness and courtesy 15. Some cultures prefer a more personalinteraction before getting down tobusiness.Subject: politeness and courtesy 16. Other cultures appreciate the directapproach. Ensure that you know yourclients' cultural contexts and tailor youremail messages to their needs.Subject: politeness and courtesy 17. Reply To All Emails,Even Those ThatWeren't Intended ForYou 18. If someone took the trouble to send anemail to you, they deserve a reply, ifeven a simple one. 19. Emails often go astray, and you mayget one that isn't directed to you. If thisis the case, inform the person of theirmistake in a polite and friendly manner. 20. Proofread Your EmailMessage Thoroughly 21. Ensure that grammatical and spellingerrors are corrected. Double-check themeaning and ensure that the punctuationis appropriate to make your messageclear.Subject: proofreading 22. Take extra care when choosing arecipient from a list to avoid mistakes.Subject: proofreading 23. Never Send AnEmotional Email 24. Situations can become tense andpressured. Avoid the impulse to sendout an email that can be construed asangry, anxious or short-tempered.Subject: no emotional email 25. Take the time to fashion your responsein the most professional mannerpossible. If you cannot reply in thismanner immediately, wait until you cando so.Subject: no emotional email 26. Double-Check BeforeHitting "Reply To All" 27. More embarrassment has been causedby the"reply to all" button than any other facetofInternet communications. 28. Thoroughly review the names on yourlist before sending any generalcommunication to ensure that therecipient should get the message. 29. If not, alter your send list to reflect theappropriate list of names. 30. The Internet offers a financial advisor aunique opportunity to stay in closecontact with clients. 31. Making the most of this powerful methodof communication requires both skill andrestraint. 32. Implementing proper email etiquetteportrays professional attitude and makescommunication valuable and respectful. 33. Ready to make a move? If you areplanning to buy an existing book ofbusiness or sell yours, we can help. 34. Our finance industry recruiters arealways ready to accommodate questionsand applications. 35. View the listing here: 36. Willis Consulting,Inc.Los Angeles Office: Corporate Headquarters719 Yarmouth Road, Suite 203Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274310-373-7400 PSTScottsdale Office8970 E Raintree DriveSuite #300Scottsdale AZ 85260New York Office244 5th Avenue, Suite 1855New York NY 10001212-726-2041 PST