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<ul><li>1.10 Tips for Writing Better Emails Adrienne Bartlett, Client Concierge </li></ul> <p>2. Is email dead? 3. Nope. But it has changed. 4. ReasonsContent Mom &amp; Dad 5. Social technologieslike text messaging relegated to friends. 6. Remember, youre not their friend. -Karlyn Morissette 7. Not a catch-allsolution 8. Glue 9. Less Search More Yield? 10. Top 10 11. 1 Know your role. 12. When to use email? 13. Event invites/reminders Confirmations SurveysNotificationsProcess Updates 14. Promote new (valuable) contenton your site 15. 2 Get to the point. 16. Throw Shakespeare out the window. 17. Skip the intro Keep it shortSay it once 18. No blocks of textDesign to skim Bold key words? 19. Exercise: Whats the pointof this email? 20. Make that your1st sentence. 21. Youre invited to attend our Open Houseon October 24th. 22. Mind the scroll line. 23. Which words can you delete? 24. 3 Make the call. 25. Call to action?! 26. Set it offBold Link Center? 27. 4 Inform your subjects. 28. Descriptive Clever 29. Hook and labelKey words first A/B test 30. No spammy words DONT SCREAM Dont repeat school nameDont merge first name 31. Dont Miss OutLast Chance Were Waiting Check this out 32. Open House InvitationChat with us todayMissing transcript Take our campus visit survey 33. 5 Dont trust the media;) 34. Prospects (especially parents)often have images disabled. 35. Proceed as if theimages arentrendering. 36. Does the message still make sense? 37. Is it readable? 38. How to dovideo... 39. Video Message from Brian Niles 40. 6 Easy on the html. 41. Too much html : Screamsmarketing+Hurts deliverability 42. K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) 43. Keep the focus on the call to action 44. Were past the point of html for its own sake 45. How we doin so far? 46. 7 Test. Test. Test. 47. Links Multiple BrowsersA/B SplitSubject Lines 48. The best way to determine frequency &amp; timing 49. Know your audience. 50. 8 No magic day or time. 51. Have a plan. 52. Date Message Audience 5/21 1st Email All 5/27 Plain-text followupDid not view/interact 6/9 2nd Email All 6/16 Plain-text followupDid not view/interact 6/16 Link and Instructions Registrants 6/19 Day-of reminderRegistrants 6/22 Link to video and slidesRegistrants 53. The followup should be part of the plan. 54. Flexibility 55. How much is too much? 56. What stage?WIIFM? 57. 9 Court the rents. 58. Grad Schools: Listen Up! 59. Are you collecting email addresses? 60. Inquiry Cards Application Campus Visits/Events Website 61. Lots for current Why not prospect? 62. http://www.scu.edu/family/parent-email.cfm 63. Parent Content: Address Cost Process Personalize Notifications 64. 10 Segment and personalize. 65. One size does NOT fit all 66. Increase # ofcampaigns, but decrease their size 67. Consider Plans For: Parents Guidance Counselors Local Alums (for Grad Schools) 68. Another Plan to Consider: YIELD 69. Bonus tips: 70. (Link to)stories 71. Be a tease. 72. Use theP.S. 73. Feedback &amp; Measurement 74. Focus on testing -- They cant argue with results. 75. Its all about building trust. 76. The future... 77. You can bet well be there;) 78. What will you do differently? 79. Thanks! bartlett@targetx.com targetxconcierge </p>