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  • SigmaBrew InBoxVirtual Workflow Lean Office Simulation

    Part of MoreSteams SigmaSim Series

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  • AUniqueOnlineLeanSimulation

    SigmaBrew InBox provides your process improvement deployment with an affordable, participant-driven i l ti f t ti l ith i t lsimulation of a transactional process with a virtual

    (electronic) work flow.

    With InBox, your student Belts can practice the application o , you s ude e s ca p ac ce e app ca oof a comprehensive set of Lean Six Sigma tools in a setting that closely mirrors the current state of the "knowledge workplace."

    InBox is unique in that it employs an email-based work process, providing first-hand experience with Lean Office concepts where the work flow is essentially invisible. p y

    The active assignments within this role-play simulation can accommodate a class size of 15-20 players.

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  • SigmaBrewInBoxStoryline

    This InBox simulated project experience introduces you to a company called SigmaBrew - a large national chain of specialty

    ff hcoffee shops.

    SigmaBrew has experienced explosive expansion over the previous decade and is starting to encounter increasingly p e ous decade a d s s a g o e cou e c eas g ytroublesome growing pains, including operational problems that impact customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, the competitive environment has also become increasingly difficult, with new and sophisticated competitors on all frontssophisticated competitors on all fronts.

    The Objectives of the Simulation are to:

    Meet marketing demand for new locations Meet marketing demand for new locations, Minimize rent expense, Minimize number of landlord terms and conditions, and Minimize processing cycle time and cost.

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  • SigmaBrewInBoxProcesses

    Pre-Work Process (Prior to first simulation)

    Simulation Runs Process

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  • SigmaBrewInBoxProcess

    You can run this simulation within one day. Before starting the simulation, the group reviews the case study and background


    Your instructors provide the background information to the students to help them understand the company structure and current business environment.

    A Balanced Scorecard and Project Priority Matrix set the stage on the project improvement goals of the simulation.

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  • SigmaBrewInBoxProcess

    Next, the instructor outlines the overall simulation rules and distributes individual work instructions to participants based on their unique rolesparticipants based on their unique roles.

    SigmaBrews Instructor Version provides access to helpful support resources.

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  • SigmaBrewInBoxProcess

    The individual role instructions distributed by the instructor

    id h ti i t ithprovide each participant with a unique Account Login to InBox.

    Once each participant has a role and understands his or her responsibilities, you start the simulation. Students can use optional WIP to help practice their roles.

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  • SigmaBrewInBoxSimulation

    Once logged in, participants have access to a database e-mail client that allows them to receive, compose, and forward e-mails based on their workflow instructions. InBox provides Gadgets to participants to allow for data collectioninstructions. InBox provides Gadgets to participants to allow for data collection of key process metrics and for copying and pasting information into e-mails.

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  • WorkflowProcess

    The process within SigmaBrew InBox is non-intuitive and branching, making it similar to what students encounter in their real-worldin their real world office environment.

    Students must work t th t d i htogether to decipher and improve this complex flow.

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  • SigmaBrewInBoxInstructorVersion

    The Instructor Version of the simulation has Reset & Reporting Options.

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  • InstructorReports

    With Instructor Reports, you have visibility into the simulation workflow, which allows you to keep everyone on track. These reports also serve as a springboard into data collection and analysis activities.into data collection and analysis activities.

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  • LearningActivities

    After the first run, the learning begins. You can:

    Discuss initial problems - lack of process visibility, long wait times, etc.C t V l St M Create a Value Stream Map.

    Illustrate the 7/8 Forms of Waste. Identify Lean Tool Parallels in the Office Takt Time,

    Inventory, Set-up, etc. Introduce Lean Improvement Tools Cellular processing,

    continuous flow, Push vs. Pull, etc. Validate improvement activities.

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  • SimulatingImprovements

    After (or interspersed with) the Lean instruction, the class can make changes to the process roles and rules and re run the simulationchanges to the process, roles, and rules and re-run the simulation.

    To help students visually understand the effects of implemented improvements on the process, the instructors can share a comparison view of the multiple simulation runs.

    Students can continue to testStudents can continue to test multiple solutions in a single class session.

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  • WhySimulations?

    The benefits for Lean Six Sigma deployments include:

    9 Reducing training costs: Simulations are a cost effective way to9 Reducing training costs: Simulations are a cost effective way to provide in-depth experience to students.

    9 Saving training time: Green and Black Belt trainees can complete an entire project in 1-3 days.p j y

    9 Building student competence: The best simulations are designed to drive critical thinking over rote learning.

    9 Engaging students: Interactive decision making and rich media g g g gstimulate interest.

    9 Providing a risk-free environment: Students are free to make mistakes in a safe, virtual practice space.

    9 Reinforcing teamwork: The use of competitions helps teach team dynamics and communication skills.

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  • WhySimulations?

    Simulations provide the cost-effective PRACTICE necessary to build COMPETENCE and move your Green and Black Belts from

    Training Leaders:

    competence to CONFIDENCE.

    Training Leaders:SigmaBrew InBox is an ideal addition to your new or existing Lean and Six Sigma curricula. Requiring only computers and Internet access, this versatile simulation can be amended by instructors to address your organizations particular Lean and process improvement issues. Contact MoreSteam to arrange for a live demo.

    Consultants:Consultants:Interested in using SigmaBrew InBox as part of your services? Contact MoreSteam to discuss how you can add our simulations to your training toolkit.

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