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  • My Eng ProjectMrmathengBolsaGrandeHighschoolGeometry 2011-2012Note these 3 picture are from the internet

  • NOTICEThe following games are games that I own, some image are wallpaper and some are myself playing the game itself and taking game screenshot in which I save to desktop and upload upon the powerpoint. So in order for me to get some these screenshot, I needed to spend a lot of time noticing geometry in games.

  • Points and segementThis is probably my oldest game ever. As you can see here is a war map where I plan where to send army to conquer. Each major places has a dot or a points. It would be described better if those line wasnt connecting them because a point as no connection to each other. But because a line connect two points together, it froms a segment, a line that has two endpoint.

  • Parallel lines in Dawn of WarParrallel lines are like that run along the same the same direction but never intersect. Notice the parallel lines on the side of the road that the battle is taking place. On the side are lines with lights on it and it run parallel with each other because they never intersect. But it eventually intersect the top path.

  • Perpendicular lines and planeThis is one of my game play screen shot or Morrowind Elderscroll. I made a quick character and open up the menu and guess what, I see geometry. Try to find the perpendicualr line just below the word Warrior and just above strenth 60. The line that separate those two form a perpendicular line which is about 90 degree angle measure. Also if you havent notice the inventory scene and the stats screen is a plane since its a flat surface with no segment or points.

  • Congruence and right angleHere me playing fallout 3. Notice the light on the top left corner. There are boxes on it and all of those boxes are congruent with each other. You may also notice the right angle in with the table and counter form. Even the screen on the right side have corners that form 90 degree right angles.

  • AdjacentHere me shooting down aircraft in Call of duty Black ops. You see even the metal bars that hold the window have separate parts. On the bottom right just next to the pilot, those two window are adjacent to each other because they are nexts to each other on the same segment.

  • More parallel line presented in UDK

  • CrylinderThis is a model created in free 3ds max and served as a example. Its kinda a hobby of mine, to create 3d shapes and import it into UDK to create a game. Yes I create games, cool isnt it? Kind of a hobby of mine

  • Acute and obtuse angleHere me testing my UDK design map. You can see on the wall is a square with four triangle. The triangle has 3 angles. Two of them are congruent and are acute since they are between 0 to 90 degree angle. The top of the triangle on the other hand is an acute angle since its over 90 degree and is between 90 to 180 degree.

  • Alt. int./ext. angle Here me taking a quick screen shot while playing warhammer 40k space marine. Just next to my chain sword you can see a line going down and two parallel lines going left and right. Now there you can see several angle. The angle on the top right corner and the bottom left corner would be alternate exterior angle and the angle in the middle top right or left and the bottom right or left are alternate interior angle since its located inside the paralle lines. Sorry I couldnt make it any clearer.

  • Here this is what I meant (note that this picture is from the internet)Angle 1 and 8 or angle 2 and 7 are alternate exterior since they outside the parallel and angle 3 and 6 or angle 4 and 5 are

  • Corresponding angle and consecutive interior angleAlso now is a good time to mention angle 2 and 6 are both corresponding angle, so is 1 and 5, 7 and 3, and 8 and 4. Corresponding angle are on the same side and are always congruent. Angle 4 and 6 and angle 3 and 5 are consecutive interior angle since if they are added together, they must from 180 degree.

  • Thx for gradingThanks for grading my last minute project, and Im going to admit yes this was a last minute project. I made a fantastic power point before this but it got corrupted =(Anyway as you can see I tried my best on the last minute to take the old screenshot and put together a new power. I got to admit I know I dont deserved any more than a (C) but I would be grateful if I could at least score a 75%. Thx