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  • Beautiful

  • I've been thinking for a long time about what we do in our life...

  • We start by being taught in schoolhow to become good citizens.We spend a great part of ourchildhood studying,and finally we get the diploma that willensure us the position we deserve.

  • We participate to the increase of unemployment...until we find a job.Through hard tests we areaccepted in the world of work.

  • We perform a good professional careerfilled with activity and effortsa lot, a lot of efforts...till we fall down exhausted...BUT we are great professionalswith our valuable market share.

  • Time keeps on passing, and......we select new targets.We meetthe sweetheartof our life......and promisea neverendinglove.Passionate hugs,and here comesa baby into ourhome.Damned night,couldnt close my eyes!

  • We keep on advancingin the societytrying to make the best of our time.We are the starswherever we goand we are finallyRICH!

    But we needsome time moreto triumph completely.

  • Gosh! One day they tellthey can do without you.By this time,you think getting crazy,you feel destroyed,you feel youlost means ofcommunication.You realise you are cut off from everything.Now timedoes not passany longer,still you are loosing it.!

  • You realiseyouve been livingin the fogin search ofa silly target.You become a walkingghosttrying to escapeyour enemies.You are the only onelonging for thehours to passtill your timecomes.

  • Upon this evaluation, an ideacame to my mind on how to improve my life.,

  • I'll take things easy.I'll try to open my heartto my love.I'll listen moreto the onessurrounding me.I'll save more timeto spend it with my friends.I'll try to travel more.No, karaoke I'll never do,but I believeI'll sing more.

  • I'll go more timesto the seaside.I'll make my bestto cook tasty food.I'll join my friendswarmth.A bit love more.I'll be happierto get news from my friends...and achieve together commonobjectives

  • I cant be sure,but I believeit worths trying.Well, say what you want, but I ama nice guy!I'll co-operate clean the worldfrom nasty people.No harmfrom a glass more.HIC!And I hopethey wont stop mewhen my time comes.

  • I do not know whether it is good for everybody, but Im sure that at least I will have had a wonderful time which by the way is what counts more.DONT YOU THINK SO?,,,?

  • Please have Good care for your good friend.Show your friends how much you care.Send this to everyone you consider a FRIEND , including the sent it.If it comes back to you , then you'll know you have a circle friends.


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