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  • 1. Career CenterBT 125
  • 2. A summary of education, skills, and experiencesWHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF ARESUME? To get the interviewer to read your resume andcall you in for an interview
  • 3. One page if little experience 2 pages maximum Well organized, easy to read, and provides support for yourobjective Use proper grammar and punctuation- PROOFREAD andhave someone else proofread it Make sure your resume is visually appealing with the mostimportant information on top half of the resume. Begin with the most recent dates and work backwards. ERROR FREE
  • 4. Name, address, telephone number and e-mailaddress Summary or profile of your strengths and skillsand a description of the type of position you areseeking Qualifications: your credentials and a descriptionof the modalities you are qualified to practice
  • 5. Employment history: name and location of previousemployers, dates of employment and the name ofyour job Education and training schools (if you havegraduated from college, there is no need to list yourhigh school), and workshops or other training that isrelevant to the type of position you are seeking Any awards or professional affiliations that aprospective employer might be interested in (yourAMTA Professional Membership, for example)
  • 6. If most of your experience is unrelated to the career youwant to begin, summarize it briefly and accurately. Say in your summary/profile section that you are seekingto begin your career in massage therapy, and placeemphasis on your education, training and affiliations tohighlight your qualifications.
  • 7. Translate Experience into SkillsTranslate Experience into SkillsFind ways to show how previous jobs make you adesirable massage therapy employee.Use the value of your student massage clinic work toqualify as job experience.For example:As a student intern, I provided more than 175massages to clients through a supervised studentclinic. I developed a 20 percent rate of return clients,compared with the class average of 10 percent.
  • 8. Specific statement for an advertised position A brief, concise statement about the job you are seekingand your skills and experience General statement for an unknown position -best usedfor a job fairWritten from the employers perspective
  • 9. Objective: Looking for a job that is flexible tomy school schedule where I can learn newskills. Objective: Seeking a rewarding position inbusiness administration. Objective: Seeking a customer serviceposition which utilizes my strong communicationand computer skills
  • 10. SummaryHighlightsSkills Describe your strengths and skills. Include computer skills, foreign language, # of years ofexperience, personal attributes, top three skills theemployer needs. Highlight different techniques or specialties here Develop brief statements describing your experience withyour top three skills Bullets or paragraph format
  • 11. Use the words: duties, responsibilities Use I, we, the Use Incorrect verb tense List reason for leaving, address or phonenumbers, supervisors name
  • 12. REFERENCES Do not include in your resume Include on a separate sheet of paper (if requested) 3- 5 people (no family and friends) Ask references for permission before listing them
  • 13. Writing a Cover LetterWriting a Cover LetterLetters are among the most important tools youcan use in your job search, and they should alwaysaccompany your resume when you apply for a job.Your cover letter reflects your personality,professionalism and experience, and allows you toattract the prospective employers interest. Tailoryour cover letter to fit each opportunity.
  • 14. Three Parts of a Cover LetterThree Parts of a Cover LetterEvery cover letter includes an introduction, a bodyand a close. 1.The introduction is where you introduce yourself andcatch the readers interest. 2.The body of the letter describes how you are suited tothe job. Motivate the reader to want to meet you bydescribing how your skills can help the prospectiveemployers business. 3.The close is your final paragraph. The end of the letterexpresses your appreciation for the readers time andinterest, and promises future contact.
  • 15. Grab the Attention of Your Prospective EmployerGrab the Attention of Your Prospective EmployerPersonalize your introduction to the particular place ofbusiness or person to whom youre writing, and avoid startingwith "to whom this may concern." If a friend or associatereferred you, include this information in the first paragraph. Orwrite something like, "Your business attracted my interestbecause I admired the volunteer chair massage yousponsored at the Special Olympics last month.Follow Up with Personal ContactFollow Up with Personal ContactA cover letter does not take the place of personal contact. Inyour final paragraph, tell the prospective employer that youwill call next week to request an appointment for an interview,and then be sure to write this commitment on your calendar.
  • 16. Sample Cover Letter
  • 17. Palm Beach State College Online Career CenterWebsite Jobs Career Information Upload your resume Talk to a Career Consultant Use the Job Agent - Receive emails or textswhen new jobs related to your current searchcriteria are posted
  • 18. Preparing for a Massage JobPreparing for a Massage JobInterviewInterviewPreparing for a massage job interview, or any jobinterview for that matter, actually begins well in advance,even before you apply for the position.Practice your massage skills whenever possible, so youare always ready to confidently give a demonstration whenasked to do so. Also have a list of questions to study thatmight be asked during an interview.This list can be added to after each interview whenquestion come up that are asked that werent already onyour list.
  • 19. To prepare more specifically for your interview, you will want to haveclothing ready that is similar to that worn on the job in the location youare interviewing in. You will also want to have all your documentsready, including both personal and professional references. Go over your massage interview questions several times, so you will beready to answer confidently. The day before the interview, research the company, do a drive by andget a good nights sleep.
  • 20. First ImpressionsFirst ImpressionsArrive for your interview a few minutes early. Not too early,but dont be late or you could lose the position on that count.Announce yourself to the receptionist and follow instructionsabout whether to have a seat to wait or be taken to theinterview room. Be sure to give a genuine smile and becourteous to everyone you encounter during the entireinterview process.When the interviewer enters the room, stand up, greet himor her and introduce yourself with a smile and a firmhandshake.
  • 21. Massage interview questions are very likely to coversuch things as your knowledge of specific techniques,pathology and kinesiology. Following the massage interview questions, you maybe asked to give a demonstration of your abilities asa massage therapist. It would be wise to be ready to give a complete, fullbody massage, though that might not be requestedof you. You might be asked to demonstrate a specifictechnique for just a few minutes.
  • 22. For the massage itself, you want to use firm pressure.Concentrate on your technique. Dont stop until instructed to do so or until it has beenabout an hour. Once you have finished your demonstration, clearaway the towels and drapes properly and wash yourhands again. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to beinterviewed, shake his or her hand firmly and leave theroom with an air of confidence as though you alreadygot the job.
  • 23. Remember, the key to answering the massageinterview questions is to have the knowledgeneeded for the work and be confident in youranswers.By following these guidelines you will ace yourmassage job interview.