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  • 1. Kassie MillerMission: Make an Impact, Be the Difference

2. My passion for the hospitalityindustry was first awakened inthe spring of 2009. As a highschool senior I was awarded theopportunity to shadow anexecutive pastry chef at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Central park. 3. One day immersed in the excitement and exceptional service of anexemplary hotel was enough to spark a life-changing decision: to enterthe Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management program at ThePennsylvania State University the following fall. 4. Throughout my term atPenn State I have workedas a server at a 1950sthemed diner.This was my first officialexperience working in thehospitality field. 5. Dr. Peter Bordi became myadviser and mentor as a firstyearstudent. Hehascontinuously provided mewith opportunities to assist inhis research lab at the Centerfor Food Innovation.In the spring of 2009 I performed an independent study through theCFI. I performed an analysis of EatnParks menu against those ofcompetitors, designed and implemented surveys to aid in newproduct development and composed a presentation to be given toEatn Parks corporate team discussing strengths, weaknesses andpossibilities for improvement. 6. In the fall and winter of2010 I learned the innerworkings of a commercialoperation thorough arotational internship at thePenn State Bakery andWarehouse. 7. In the fall of 2011 I was chosen toparticipate in the Global HospitalityManagement Program. I boarded a flightto Hong Kong and so began the mostimportant chapter of my life, to date. 8. The second half of our yearabroad is currently taking placein Maastricht, Netherlands.The transition has offered itsfair share of much-welcomedchallenges,includinganinternship at the TeachingHotel Chteau Bethlehem. 9. The study abroad experience along with a two-month backpackingstint through Southeast Asia has assured me that I will most definitelypursue an international career.With excellence in the areas of mediation, creativity, vision andleadership, I aspire to make an impact on the hospitality industry anda real difference in the world at large.At this point I am not sure what direction I want to take my futurecareer. For now I am open to all experiences and willing to learn withthe confident stance that I can succeed at anything I set my mind to. 10. Thank You.


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