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Overall Resume


  • 1. Senior Business & Financial Advisor Professional Resume for: Charles Cortland Hooper Note: Hit View on top bar, then click View Slideshow, then you may advance each slide when ready by pressing the Space bar or left-clicking your mouse
  • 2.
    • Contact Information
    • Phone Numbers:
    • Phone: 1-951-765-7353
    • Fax: 1-951-257-8955
    • Mailing Address:
    • Charles Cortland Hooper
    • 41487 Avenida Dolores
    • Murrieta, CA 92562
    • E-mail: [email_address]
    • Licenses Held:
    • Life Insurance and Variable Products
    • Securities Series 6 & 63 & 65 & 22
    • Real Estate Brokerage and Mortgages
  • 3.
    • Senior Business and Financial Advisor
    • Charles Cortland Cort Hooper
    • Historical Organizational Roles
    • Chairman of the Board
    • Chief Executive Officer & President
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Systems Engineer
    • Organizational Developer
    • Team Developer and Trainer
    • Business, Financial & Management Consultant
  • 4. Employment History: Professional Experience: Core Companies and Duration: Aerospace engineer/project manager Litton Industries, Van Nuys, CA (1967-1970) Active Duty Military Officer United States Navy (1970-1974) U.S. Government Contractor Programs Development Associates, LA, (1974-80) Leadership/Management Trainer Organizational Systems, Inc., La Jolla, CA (1974-1987) Real Estate Developer & Manager Hooper, Goode, Inc., Temecula, CA (1976-1994) Mining Development andProduction Mojave Natural Resources, Inc. (1986-1994) CEO Publicly Traded Companies Freestar Technologies, Laguna Beach, CA (1999-02) Real Estate Housing Consultant Triple M Marketing, Temecula, CA (1997-Pres) Financial Advisor & Consultant Integrated Financial Solutions, Hemet, CA (1974-Pres) Green Technology Developer Liberty Capital International, Inc. (2006-Pres) Financial Systems Developer Intuitively Interactive Financial Systems, Inc. (1969-Pres)
  • 5.
    • With over 38 years experience in top level business and management positions and consulting; organizational development, marketing and training; providing professional money management/advisory services; pioneering data systems, software and high technology use in large organizations; and, leading, organizing, recruiting and training large scale community service and volunteer organizations, Mr. Hooper is a highly skilled and recognized expert in all of these fields. He has served these organizations, industries and professions in a wide variety of capacities, with many diverse responsibilities... predominantly at the top levels. His career spans being licensed as a registered investment advisor at the age of 21, being the designer and lead change agent in the development of Human Resources programs and functions world-wide in government and the private sector, publishing a national Investment Advisory Newsletter, and turning around businesses and developing some of the most sophisticated software and data base management systems for large scale organizational development. Along the way he has been a high impact manager, recruiter and developer for organizations in which he believes. Mr. Hooper has designed and developed a wide range of real estate projects, arranged financings for real estate, businesses and bank guarantees in excess of $6.5 Billion, and remains an active business, financial and management consultant in Southern California.
    Background Summary The above has led to the following recognitions:
  • 6. 1) Goodwill Ambassador to India for the United States. 2) Gold Medal from Society of American Military Engineers. 3) Gold Medal from the American Legion. 4) Gold Medal from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. 5) US Presidential Cabinet letters of commendation. 6) #1 Graduate at UCLA and LA High School. 7) Top rated in grade US Naval Officer in US Military. 8) Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts of America. 9) Vigil Honor in Order of the Arrow. 10) US Government contracts regarding sales, management and leadership training. 11) US industry contracts for financial and business management. 12) Publication in the US Congressional Record, and national financial/management magazines. Awards & Recognitions
  • 7.
    • Academic credentials include:
    • Ph.D.Program, Finance & Human Behavior, US International University, San Diego, 1975
    • M.S. Management Sciences, US Naval Postgraduate School, CA 1972
    • B.S. Systems Engineering, Magna Cum Laude, UCLA- Los Angeles, CA 1970
    • Licenses Obtained: Insurance (1990), Real Estate(1978) and Investments(1969 & 2000).
    • Mr. Hooper has also been a 30 year Member of the San Diego Yacht Club (Americas Cup winner), past school Board Chairman, Chairman of Pop Warner, Scout Master, Church Leader and President of numerous other community/service organizations which have provided a broad perspective on management, service & volunteerism in large organizations and access to the networks and resources to effectively analyze, design, and develop them to their highest and best functions and purposes by advising and working with C-level Executives and Directors.
    • His ability to keep confidences and appropriately deal with sensitive data stems from his 35 years experience as a trusted advisor where it is required as a practice and by law to maintain ones licenses, and having held secret clearances and performed many classified assignments in the service of the US Navy and United States Department of State.
    Academic Background
  • 8. 1) Goodwill Ambassador to India for Youth Development 2) President of Theta Zi Fraternity & Inter-Fraternity Council 3) Scoutmaster- Boy Scouts of America 4) Program Director- US Navy Human Resources Program 5) President- Pacific Southwest Quarter Horse Association 6) Chairman of Temecula Valley School Board 7) Chairman- Temecula Valley Pop Warner Youth Programs 8) Membership Chairman- American Quarter Horse Association 9) Chairman- several large Community Homeowners Associations 10) Director- Genesa Foundation 11) Lodge & Chapter Chief- Order of the Arrow Fraternal Service Organization 12) Other leadership/participation roles in Toastmasters International, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, National Rifle Association and California Mining Association Top Leadership In Service Organizations
  • 9.
    • Top level Leadership and Management
    • Strategic Planning and Operations Research
    • Contracts negotiation and arbitration
    • Problem Solving, process analysis and modeling
    • Performance & Risk Management and Measurement
    • Interpersonal Communications
    • Team-building and Motivation Training
    • Enterprise Financial Management & Budgeting
    • Computerized Accounting and Personnel Management Systems
    • Marketing Plans and Market Research
    • Recruiting and Sales Training
    • Database design and implementation
    • Remote resource coordination through corporate intranets
    • International Organization & Systems Consulting
    Enterprise Level Skills
  • 10.
    • Consultant for taking companies public
    • Negotiated numerous mergers/acquisitions
    • Authored/produced numerous business plans
    • National marketing studies and plans
    • Market research and analysis
    • Long term financial projections and strategic plans
    • Large scale organizational development diagnosis in support of planning
    Strategic/Business Planning
  • 11.
    • Chief Architect and program developer of the Navy Human Resources Program
    • Developed first large scale organizational development effort in the US military
    • Redesigned all Leadership and Management training in the US Navy
    • Recruited and trained over 3500 change agents for US Department of Defense