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  • Marketing 3.0 Created by Prashant Pathare

    Source: White Paper Prepared by Philip Kotler and Hermawan Kartajaya



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    Performance of activities that seek to accomplish an organizations objectives byanticipating customer/ client needs and directing a flow of need satisfying goodsand service from producer to customer/ client.

    Overview of Marketing Strategy Planning Process

    Source: Book, - Basic Marketing (Wiliam PerreaultJoseph Cannon E. McCarthy)

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    Marketing Versions

    Marketing 1.0 Product CentricEra

    Industrial Age

    Without considering target marketsneeds and wants

    Many misconceptions of marketing

    Mere Selling, An Art of Persuasion,and even Cheating

    World changed over the past decades because of the technology evolution

    So Did Marketing

    Marketing 2.0 Customer CentricEra

    Information Technology

    Product value is defined by Customer

    Must for Marketers to identifyunfulfilled needs and wants

    Marketing continues to have a badname in many circles

    Marketing 3.0 Human Centric Era

    Consumers will be treated as human beings who are active, anxious, and creative

    Request more participation in value creation

    Demand their deepest anxieties and desires

    Ask for their creativity to be appreciated

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    Age of Participation & Collaborative Value CreationDevelopment of computing has rolled out in five major waves

    1st Wave1960 Mainframe ComputersAdvanced into corporate world and become essential business tools

    2nd Wave1970s Minicomputer

    3rd Wave1980s Personal Computers

    4th Wave1990s Networking and Internet

    5th WaveUnprecedented coalescence of three technological forces cheap and ubiquitous computing devices, low-cost & omnipresent bandwidth, and open standardsOffers limitless connectivity and interactivity

    Marketing Managers listen to consumers voice to understand their minds and capture market insights

    Eg: Starbucks and HP collaborate to have Hear Music Media Bars, tablet-based PCs to allow customers to create their own mix CDs