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2. Lean Marketing for Startups (and Game) Adaptation from : http://www.slideshare.net/mattangriffel/growth-hacking 3. GROWTH HACKING: HOTMAIL 4. Startups products and game usually facing similar problem 5. LEAN MARKETING FRAMEWORK AARRR! 6. Dave McClures example conversion metrics 7. A/B Testing 8. PUBLISHING APPLICATION 9. Acquisition Ads banner Copywriting Keyword research New channel A/B testing Targeting SEO Guerilla marketing Social campaign Remarketing Press release Etc 10. Activation Simplify landing page Fast loading Easy registration / no registration Registration bonus Facebook connect Measure traffic sources quality Etc 11. Retention Retention event Daily login bonus Simplify learning curve Tutorial Personalization Instant Reward Chat room Engage players in SocMed Reward priority players Leaderboard Etc 12. Referral Referral bonus / member get member Share button & incentive Share in-game event Invite friends Etc 13. Revenue Monetization event Easy payment channel Right item & pricing Right monetization model Paid download In-game monetization Free trial Etc.. Etc 14. Another Tips Kill a feature every week Activation first, then acquisition Measure, measure, and measure A/B testing 15. MORE CASE STUDIES 16. Dropbox offered its customers a 150 megabyte storage bonus if they linked their Dropbox account to their Facebook or Twitter account. They also created a refer a friend campaign that would give users 500 megabytes of free storage for each friend they referred. 17. Spotify drove it's rapid growth by integrating the software with Facebook. Instagram followed the same approach. 18. Twitter noticed that it's users were signing up, but then abandoning the app. Using analytics they discovered that people were far more likely to use their account when they followed 5-10 accounts on the first day. They build a suggestion engine that would prompt new users to immediately follow new users that pertained to their interests. This greatly increased retention. 19. Mint used it's blog to build landing pages on nearly every personal finance question, effectively targeting it's ideal market directly. 20. Apple and Blackberry turned their devices into advertising engines by adding "Sent from my iPhone" and "Sent from my Blackberry" to every message sent. 21. Reddit created hundreds of fake user profiles in it's early days to generate buzz. 22. Pinterest launched as a invite-only service that was exclusive, driving up demand and building interest and industry speculation. Gmail launched as an invite-only service as well (before Pinterest did of course) 23. Thank You