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Greg Winn & Jim Mayes's talk from Future Insights Live 2014 in Las Vegas: "Last years FI Live "App it out" winners are back to share their experiences in making it in the start-up world. The talk will discuss topics such as creating little to no over heads to, why they removed managers." Miss their talk? Join us at a future show: www.futureofwebapps.com. Sign up for our newsletter at futureinsights.com and get 15% off your next conference.


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2. Who the hell are these guys? 3. Greg Winn (@gregwinn) Co-Founder of Cignal Jim Mayes (@jimmayes) Co-Founder of Cignal 4. *Not public speakers 5. So why are we here? 6. FututeInsights 2013 App It out Winners (Reigning World Champions) 7. Our BIG idea Notice, we did not say our micro idea. 8. People react more than they act. 9. gist.github.com/gregwinn/f179a4b21166f29523ab 10. (Insert montage here) all the real work happens during a montage 11. Cignal So what is it? 12. Market Sentiment 13. Institutions do it Thomson Reuters Bloomburg Derwent Capital 14. Derwent Capital Derwent Capital in the UK discovered the predictive power of Twitter Sentiment as it pertained to the overall stock market. Derwent started a hedge fund using their sentiment technology. (Absolute Return Fund) It beat the market in its first month, then was quietly and mysteriously disbanded. 15. No money mo problems But what about the individual investor? No clear indicators No trusted sources 'Expert' opinions are often uninformed, ambiguous, or manipulative 16. We want to change all this! 17. Cignal is for EVERYONE Cignal is for individuals who: Make hundreds of trades per month Trade once per month Only trade once each year Make one single trade EVER. Insight gained from Cignal can help any trade made. 18. Cignal really is for Everyone! Its the first serious social sentiment application aimed at leveling the investing playing field for individual and professional investors alike. Cignals predictive ability, pricing structure, and intuitive functionality make it essential for anyone making an informed investment decision. 19. Turning Cignal into a business 20. Lean Startup Lean? LOL more like skin and bones 21. Lay of the land No Budget Ton of work Way to many Assumptions 22. Money? We take checks... 23. Money? ...cash is better. 24. So much work Remove the blocks and keep it simple 25. Getting to work Putting off decisions until they need to be made. Doing what we need now, and nothing more. Focusing on the MVP. 26. Micro Ideas All the voices in your head. 27. Our micro idea lnkdto.com 28. Building Lnkdto MVP in a week, first sale in two. First sale funded operations for more than 2 years. Second sale was pure profit. lnkdto.com 29. Why? Filled a Market Need Extremely low effort The profit fed Cignal lnkdto.com 30. You can do it! You are a unique and special snowflake 31. Whats next? 32. Cignal.it 33. Twitter / Email Greg Winn - @gregwinn gregwinn@cignal.it Jim Mayes - @jimmayes jimmayes@cignal.it 34. Fax: LOL 35. Thank you! Questions? Comments? cignal.it Greg Winn (@gregwinn) | Jim Mayes (@jimmayes)