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  • 1. Cloud Computing:AWS for Lean StartupsZvi Avraham, CTONivertech

2. Buzzwords History Utility Computing ~ 2000 Grid Computing ~ 2003 Cloud Computing ~ 2006 3. Buzzwords History ASP ~ 2000 No Software ~ 1999 SaaS ~ 2006 4. What is a Cloud? 5. Cloud Computing defined a style of computing in which dynamicallyscalable and often virtualized resources areprovided as a service over the Internet Wikipedia 6. Cloud Computing defined Clouds are hardware-based services offeringcompute, network and storage capacitywhere: Hardware management is highlyabstracted from the buyer, Buyers incurinfrastructure costs as variable OPEX, andInfrastructure capacity is highly elastic McKinsey & Co. Report: Clearing the Air onCloud Computing 7. Cloud Computing defined Cloud computing has the followingcharacteristics:1. The illusion of innite computing resources2. The elimination of an up-front commitment by Cloud users3. The ability to pay for useas needed UCBerkeley RADLabs 8. Cloud Computing defined ... a pay-per-use model for enabling available,convenient, on-demand network access to ashared pool of congurable computingresources (e.g., networks, servers, storage,applications, services) that can be rapidlyprovisioned and released with minimalmanagement effort or service providerinteraction. National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) 9. Cloud Computing defined Clouds are a large pool of easily usable andaccessible virtualized resources (such ashardware, development platforms and/orservices). These resources can be dynamically re-congured to adjust to a variable load (scale),allow-ing also for an optimum resourceutilization. This pool of resources is typicallyexploited by a pay-per-use model in whichguarantees are offered by the InfrastructureProvider by means of customized SLAs. Paper by Vaquero et. al.: A break in the clouds:towards a cloud denition 10. What is a Cloud? Datacenter with an API 11. What is a Cloud? Timesharing 2.0 12. Common Ground? Pay-per-use (no commitment, utility prices) Elastic capacity - scale up/down on demand Self-service interface Resources are abstracted / virtualized 13. Types of Cloud Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud 14. Public vs. Private CloudPublic Cloud Private CloudVariable expenses (OPEX) Capital expenses (CAPEX)Less control More controlMore locations Fewer locationsLess secure? More secure? 15. X-aaSAnything as a Service IaaS PaaS SaaS 16. IaaS / PaaS / SaaS 17. IaaS / PaaS / SaaS 18. IaaS vendors Amazon Web Services Rackspace Cloud GoGrid Windows Azure? (*) VM Role Google Storage for Devs Open IaaS standards: OpenStack Ecalyptus 19. PaaS 20. PaaS vendors Windows Azure - .NET (and others) Google App Engine Python, Java Heroku (Salesforce) Ruby/Rails, node.js Engine Yard Ruby/Rails DotCloud almost anything node.js, Python/Django AppHarbor - .NET CloudFoundry (VMware) Open-source PaaS Java/Spring, Ruby/Rails, MongoDB, etc. RedHat Open(?)source 21. Human Cloud Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing 22. Turkers 23. Telecom Cloud 24. AWS IaaS +PaaS S3 AutoScaling CloudFront ElasticBeanstalk EC2 CloudWatch EBS SQS ElasticIP SimpleDB ELB RDS IAM MTurk VPC CloudFormation 25. AWS Storage & Databases S3 Simple Storage Service (like FTP) Static Web sites CDN via CloudFront SimpleDB NoSQL document database RDS Relational Database Service Managed MySQL database EMR Elastic Map/Reduce Managed Hadoop 26. EC2 Instance Types NameRAMCompute UnitsStorage Arch. I/O LinuxWin. (GB) (cores x units)(GB)(bits)cost,cost, $/hour $/hourMicro0.62* EBS 32/64 Low 0.02 0.03Small1.71 (1x1)160 32Moderate0.0850.12Large7.54 (2x2)850 64High0.34 0.48Extra Large (XL) 15 8 (4x2)169064High0.68 0.96High-memory XL 17.1 6.5 (2x3.25) 420 64Moderate0.50 0.62High-memory Double XL 34.213 (4x3.25)850 64High1.00 1.24High-memory Quad. XL 68.4 26 (8x3.25)169064High2.00 2.48High-CPU Medium1.75 (2x2.5)350 32Moderate0.17 0.29High-CPU XL720 (8x2.5) 169064High0.68 1.16Cluster Comp. Quad. XL 23 33.5 169064Very High 1.60 N/A2 x Xeon X5570Cluster GPU Quad. XL 22 33.5 169064Very High 2.10 N/A2 x Xeon X5570 27. EC2 Instances PricingOn-demand (default) Most expensiveReserved for 1 year Prepaid with per hour discountReserved for 3 yearsPrepaid with large per hour discountSpotCheap, but can be killed anytime 28. Spot Instances 29. AWS Free tier Amazon offers new AWS customers with a bundleof services free each month of their first year: 750 hours of EC2 running Linux Micro instance usage 750 hours of ELB plus 15 GM data processing 10 GB of Amazon EBS plus 1 million IOs, 1GB snapshotstorage, 10,000 snapshot Get Requests and 1,000snapshot Put Requests 15 GB of bandwidth in and 15 GB of bandwidth outaggregated across all AWS services 30. Demo time 31. Q&A