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Keep you Happy, and Healthy!. Fun Foods!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Keep you Happy, Healthy and Holy!

Fun Foods!Keep you Happy, and Healthy!

What is a fun food?Even healthy eaters have an occasional treat. These treats are called fun foods. A fun food is a food that wouldnt be considered healthy, but it is something you like to eat. These foods are perfectly ok to eat if they are part of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means that 90% of the time you are making healthy choices. Healthy choices include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and foods that arent overly processed. These are examples of fun foods you might pick to eat.

Why is it ok to eat these foods?These foods are ok to eat because you would only eat a little bit, every now and then. Eliminating certain foods from your diet can make you want to eat them even more. If all foods are acceptable to eat, then you can make healthy decisions as to when and how often to eat them.Fun Food RulesFun foods should be prepackaged so that you arent tempted to eat too much.Try to allow yourself ONE fun food a day. Make sure it is something you REALLY, REALLY want. Fun foods are part of a healthy lifestyle. This means that most of your other food choices are healthy and include plenty of fruits and vegetables.To stay healthy most children can have ONE fun food a day!

Pick just the right amount!

Make sure that the fun foods you pick are in single serving portions. You dont want to be tempted to eat too much!Fun foods should be something you like and enjoy!

Dont waste your fun food on something you dont really like! Make sure it is worth the splurge!Sometimes you may have to make choices.

Sometimes you have to choose. It can be tempting to have more than one fun food, but to be healthy you need to pick the one that you want the most! By choosing only ONE fun food a dayEating a fun food each day can help keep you healthy.

Enjoy a piece of birthday cake, candy or other special treat. Just remember to only have it every now and then AND to make sure it is something that you REALLY enjoy!