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Many soda drinkers find it hard to kick their soda drinking habit. They find themselves wanting to consume this beverage during most parts of the day, particularly after eating, when they get thirsty, or when they have nothing else to do. So, why is it that many people are addicted to soda?


  • 1. Many soda drinkers find ithard to kick their sodadrinking habit.They find themselveswanting to consume thisbeverage during most partsof the day, particularly aftereating, when they getthirsty, or when they havenothing else to do.So, why is it that manypeople are addicted tosoda?
  • 2. Its sweet taste and fizzyconsistency is onething, but if you knowthe healthrepercussions of thisdrink, you probably willstay away from it rightaway.But, what is it aboutsoda that makes peoplecome back for more?
  • 3. The answer is caffeine.Caffeine is an addictivesubstance that makespeople developdependence and can evenlead to significantwithdrawal symptoms. But,even if you think yourealready addicted to soda,you can still put a stop to itby practicing these helpfultips.
  • 4. There is a wide array of healthieralternatives out there that you candrink in lieu of soda.One option is fruit juice, which has thesame sugary taste, without theharmful caffeine chemical.You can make your own or buy bottledfruit juice in all supermarketsnationwide.
  • 5. Fruit juice is packedwith vitamins andnutrients that can helpkeep you in goodhealth.Moreover, this drink isrich in antioxidants thathelp curb celldegeneration caused bythe harmful free radicalsfound in theenvironment today.
  • 6. Chocolate and milk shakes are alsowonderful alternatives to soda.Opt for dark chocolate drinks thathave less calories and fatscompared to white or milk chocolate.
  • 7. Go for low-fat milkdrinks that will provideyour body with thesufficient calcium youneed to keep yourbones strong andhealthy.
  • 8. Making your own soda isanother possibility.This will allow you to enjoythe same fizzy consistencyof soda without having tosuffer the consequences ofconsuming too muchcaffeine.
  • 9. To avoid withdrawal symptoms for thosewith severe addiction to soda, what you cando is to slowly reduce the amount ofcaffeine that you put into your own soda sothat you can kick the habit effectively andpermanently.
  • 10. To make your own soda, you willneed to buy soda chargers and asoda siphon.These devices are widelyavailable online.Just see to it that you find areputable store that sells highquality soda chargers and sodasiphons.
  • 11. Prevent addiction before it kicks inAn ounce of prevention isbetter than a pound of cure this clich is very muchapplicable to soda drinkingaddiction.Prevent addiction even beforeit happens.
  • 12. Avoid drinking commercialized sodaas much as you can, even if youthink you are not yet or will not getaddicted to it.You can opt for the suggestionsabove or just drink plain water toquench your thirst every time youneed to do so.
  • 13. Getting addicted tosoda can be a seriousproblem.It will have negativeimplications on yourweight, fitness, andhealth.So, be sure to followthese tips above so thatyou can kick this habitfor good.
  • 14. Do you want to prepare yourown soda?All you need is a soda chargerand a soda siphon to taste adelicious juice prepared byyou.