7 ways to get your users addicted to sharepoint

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An infographic by my colleague Natasha learning the ropes with SharePoint. This shows 7 tips I highly recommend you look at to help users love SharePoint.


  • 1. FALL IN LOVE WITH SHAREPOINT 1 SHAREPOINT TRAINING 2 Without a good understanding of how the platform works, people wont see the real value of using it. SHORT VIDEOS COVERING WHAT YOU CAN DO 3 KEEP A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT A very messy SharePoint environment creates a negative experience for your users. WHAT YOU CAN DO 4 BUILD A GOOD If your architecture is logical and makes it easier to use the platform and understand where the content is located, you will increase the positive emotions towards your environment. A GOOD BRANDING Your users will be more inclined to use your platform if it's aesthetically appealing. Would you easily hate your SharePoint if it was cute like this kitten ? WHAT YOU CAN DO THE BASICS OF SHAREPOINT USE A THIRD PARTY TOOL KIT AND TO FIX THE ISSUES LIKE SHAREGATE TO KEEP AN EYE CREATE AN ONLINE SURVEY. ITS VERY EASY TO BUILD AND THEN VERY QUICK TO FILL OUT. MEDITATEAND TAKE A FEW BREATHS ON YOUR SITE COLLECTIONS FIND SOMEONE THAT HAS THE EXPERTISE TO MAKE A GREAT DESIGN FOR SHAREPOINT ADD LISTS INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE 5 ASK YOUR USERS Your users live with SharePoint every day, the best way to make them love it is to ask them regularly what they like and what they dont about it. WHAT YOU CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT 6 Don't over push it! It usually takes time to get used to something new or to adapt to change. If you make sure the platform is user friendly you should get positive results. WHAT YOU CAN DO BE PATIENT. 7 RETROSPECTION How do YOU feel about your SharePoint environment? Maybe even you have some issues with the platform, but you don't take the time to realize it. WHAT YOU CAN DO TAKE A MOMENT TO NOTE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS REGARDING YOUR SHAREPOINT; THE GOOD AND THE BAD COOL At Sharegate, we believe that your life should be Just Damn Simple. That's why we created a tool to help you manage your SharePoint environment and Oce 365. Find and fix issues quickly and ensure a better future for your User-SharePoint relations. Infographic by LIFE SHOULD BE JUST DAMN SIMPLE TO MAKE YOUR USERS 7 TIPS @nsirois