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  • DIY jewelry, DIY ring

    Do you know ring bracelet? Or might it be named

    ring and bracelet attached? Our DIY jewelry

    tutorial is to show the way to make this kinds small

    version- double chain ring that is just worn on

    fingers first knuckle and third knuckle, rather than

    on finger and bracelet. Follow us and DIY ring.

    Materials and tools:

    3mm gold iron chain

    4mm gold Jump rings

    Wire cutter

    Round nose plier

    Flat nose plier


    Step 1: prepare chain and design

    Love to DIY jewelry? This double chain ring tutorial is exact for you when you wonder how to DIY ring with

    a special and cool look. 2 steps help you finish it off!

    1st, wrap chain around your first and third

    knuckle to decide the sizes of 2 chain rings;

    2nd, snip 2 rings out of chain and cut another

    piece of chain, measure the length between

    Step 2: assemble rings and chain


    Use jump ring to attach one ring to one end

    and identically handle the other.

  • Tada, the DIY ring is finished!

    My experience tells me that this DIY ring is one of the

    simplest DIY jewelry tutorials. And I bet you can finish

    out it within a few minutes.

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