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How To Make: Snowflake Pearl Pendant

Materials: 24" of 20 gauge copper wire, 10" of 28 gauge copper wire, 14 faux pearl beads - size 3 mm

Tools: Round Nose Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters

Step 1: Insert one bead onto the wire, it should be in the middle of it, then create a drop shape

Step 2: Create two small loops

Step 3. Insert pearl bead, then create a loop shape, repeat the move with second wire. Take flat nose pliers, grab wires as shown in the photo and bend the wires. The width of your pliers will be the distance between the center of the snowflake and the adornments on its arms

Step 4: Grab the wire with your flat nose piers and bend it delicately to one side. Now insert the bead onto the wire and create the loop shape

Step 5. Create a small loop, then insert the pearl bead, create a drop shape and again a small loop. Insert a pearl bead, create a loop and bend wire as shown in the photo. Now repeat the step with second wire to create third "arm" of the snowflake

Step 6. Grab your wires with flat nose pliers to preserve the identical distance in all arms from center to the arms. Bend wires delicate to mark the distance then put the beads onto them and create small loops

Step 7. Create two small loops then insert the pearl bead onto 2 wires, wrap one wire around the other and trim it. Insert another bead onto the wire, then create a final loop, wrap wire around itself and trim the rest

Step 8. Take thin wire and wrap it around two wires then wrap together other wires as shown in the photo, to make the shape more stable

Step 9.Insert a pearl bead onto the wire and wrap the wire around the arm of the snowflake. Trim wire which is left

Step 10. Add Chain to the pendant. Your necklace is ready to wear! It can be also a winter themed adornment!