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  1. 1. Welcome to the digital edition of Digital Dealer magazine! Just as you are trying to keep your store(s) on the cutting edge, we are doing the very same thing as we venture into a new frontier in the publishing biz.We can get this digital version in your hands 2-3 weeks faster than the print version, giving you the freshest information possible. You can click on links at the end of each article to email the author of such. And you can click on the ads to link to that advertisers website (and youd REALLY be helping us out by doing just that).Its quite intuitiveI dont think that someone who uses the Internet to make a living will have any trouble easily figuring it out.Please let me know what you think about it Michael Roscoe Editor-in-Chief
  2. 2. September 2009The Technology Magazine for Dealers & Managers Internet Sales: The Social Networking Gut Check JEFF page 12 page 12Developing a Killer JONES Internet Strategy page 14 page 14 Technology Trends: Five Easy Steps to GettingINTERNET SALES the Data you Need MANAGER page 22 page 22Al Serra Auto Plaza BDC/CRM: page 18The Character of a Dealership is Defined by its People, not its WallsCIALFF I O page 23 page 23ee ottiiv o vtom allsom a sAutess on ff Auffessiio n no on o Pro org rg oiattiioales P rnlie.e.o a es nlin n oc iso c Sa lNAssernett S.AAISPoAst erne wA AISPon t ww .IO IInwwwPUB L I C AT
  3. 3. T ABLE OF CONTENTS CIAL FF IOvee oti v mo ti ls uto m na lsuto io naoff A fess io o A ss on Profe .otion Pro .org rg ciatiSales o line eociatt Sale sPonnlinN Ass orne .AAISP s Astern e w AISIn te ww .AIO In w w wPUB L I C AT FEATUREThe Technology Magazine for Dealers & ManagersSEPTEMBER 2009Digital Dealer Cover StoryMANAGING EDITOR 18 Jeff JonesLINDA DI PIETRO ldipietro@Dealer-magazine.comInternet Sales ManagerAl Serra Auto Plaza PUBLISHERGREG NOONAN607-264-3359 gnoonan@Dealer-magazine.comCOLUMNSART DIRECTORJOE BIRCHAAISP Notesjbirch@Dealer-magazine.com10 Mike Roscoe PRODUCTION MANAGERELIZABETH BIRCH Internet Sales Jeff Jones PRINT PRODUCTIONDAVID MANTHEY 12 The Social Networking Gut Check Al Serra Auto PlazaJoe WebbDESIGN CONSULTING PUBLICATION DESIGN, INC.COVER DESIGN 14 Developing a Killer Internet Strategy JOE BIRCHPhil Surajbirch@Dealer-magazine.comCOVER PHOTOGRAPHY WUJCIAK & HESS, INC. 16 Making the ConnectionJason Ezell CIRCULATION SUBSCRIPTION RICH JARRETT314-432-7511Technology Trends rjarrett@Dealer-magazine.com22 Five Easy Steps to Getting the Data you NeedNATIONAL ADVERTISING SALESSandi 607-264-3359Dealer magazine makes every attempt toBDC/CRM ensure the accuracy of all published works. 23 The Character of a Dealership is Defined by its However it cannot be held responsible foropinions expressed or facts supplied herein.People, not its Walls Nothing may be reproduced in whole or in partwithout written permission from the publisher.Chuck BarkerAll rights reserved. The publisher encouragesyou to submit suggestions. Submitted materialsbecome the property of Horizon Communications,Inc. and will not be returned. Send material for 25 Improving Customer Retention and Loyaltypublication to 330 Franklin Rd., Suite 135A,PMB 386, Brentwood, TN 37027. The editorwith Net Promoter reserves the right to edit material; submissionof material constitutes permission to edit andMike Esposito publish that material. This publication isdesigned to provide accurate and authoritativeinformation in regard to the subject matterDEPARTMENTS covered. It is presented with the understandingthat the publisher is not engaged in rendering6 Digital Dealer E-mail legal, accounting or other professional service.If legal advice or other expert assistance is8 Newsrequired, the services of a competent profes-sional person should be sought. From aDeclaration of Principles jointly adopted by aCommittee of the American Bar Associationand a Committee of Publishers. A PUBLICATION OF DD 4 September 2009
  4. 4. D IGITAL Dealer E-MAIL Digital Dealer welcomes your letters andyou and reading more great articles in I am presently working in a dealership after verification will run them signed orDigital Dealer. much like the ones you described in the unsigned. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. Send letters toThanks, article, with one exception. We have a Bowen Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and Smart store Internet Sales Managerall on the same piece of property. We are Stoops Automotive Group down compared to last year, butPhil Sura, Muncie, INcompared to the rest of the market we areLet me start by saying I enjoy yourpat.bowen@stoops.comdoing great. That is why we are even more articles on Internet sales in Digital at risk of keeping that oldtime dealership Dealer magazine and that I am back inHi Pat,mentality. I have been the lone squeaky the auto business after a three-year I appreciate the compliment and thanks wheel telling the upper management that hiatus in another sales industry (havingfor reading my articles. Welcome back to thewe need to adopt the changes you previously been in the auto business forretail world. As you know, the industry has describe. I am not a newcomer here; I 19 years).changed tremendously over the past threehave been in the car biz for 36 years andI am now the Internet manager foryears. The digital space is where the game is have held almost every front-end our dealership and this is my sixth day today. My article in this issue should help management position and presently back. Needless to say, any and all help you develop a strategy. Simply use this as aoversee the Internet department. I have will be greatly, starting with the message that you are been given a lot of responsibility from theI am a little overwhelmed at the delivering in the market in the way that youGM but little authority to make changes moment, answering to the clients that handle leads to the metrics that you use. Ifin how we do business and consequently are currently coming through theyou have a plan for each section, you will be spend a lot of time trying to get managers pipeline, but I have had some success well on your way to establishing a killerto change. In most cases, that is like trying already with two clients already taking Internet strategy. I hope that this helps. to change a countrys culture. I am with delivery of their choice of automobiles. Phil Surayou on what we need to change, from ourI will add that I think we are sitting focus pertaining to customers to our on a gold mine with the Internet beingChuck Barker, processes so please send me a copy must a source of drawing more clients to our What a great article! (June 2009do checklist, it might help me. Thanks dealership; the problem is we are sitting Digital Dealer, Rules for the Newfor all of your great articles. on it!Market Players.) Simply stated, you Skip ShakelyI look forward to hearing back fromhit the nail on the head.Corporate Trainer Hi Skip,Thanks again for the narrative descrip- tion of your dilemma. It always amazes me how old school the natural default is for auto dealers. Corporate America would not tolerate an ounce of itI have attached the CRM Essential Elements of Training, which my clients utilize to make their dealership a better place for growth and profitability. It involves line item narrative descriptions I use in delivering new CRM initiatives in my curriculum packages so it may have some things you are not familiar with. If you should have some questions feel free to contact me. It also involves some items it sounds as though your management team needs as it relates to leadership.Hopefully, it will give you a tool for your upper management to have some things to think about as they endeavor to create something that can withstand the test of time. The important thing here is to establish new ways to do business and then stick with them. Adopt them as the new store culture and watch things improve quickly. Hope it helps.Chuck Barker DD 6September 2009
  5. 5. D IGITAL Dealerthey receive each month. Dealers can opt out of the program at any time with a 30-day notice.AutoUSAs used car inventory lead program employs the same stringentPMDS announces AutoUSA introducesfiltering and scrubbing process used to Mobile Mailroom, generate its award-winning new car a new DealerUps new classified vehicleleads. The system eliminates duplicateslisting serviceand filters out leads with missing or CRM Internet leadAutoUSA, a provider of the highest incorrect contact information such as management tool quality, Internet-generated consumerphone and e-mail addresses.Parayil & Mann Dealer Services leads to auto dealers nationwide, has Inc. (PMDS), a leading retail automo- announced the launch of a new service tive consulting and technology that allows consumers shopping online provider, has announced the release of for a vehicle to immediately contactMobile Mailroom, a new DealerUps dealers by phone when viewing a classi- CRM Internet lead management tool fied vehicle listing. The new phone leadfor retail automotive dealers. Mobile service is part of AutoUSAs used car Mailroom lets dealers receive and inventory lead program, and available respond to any incoming e-mail leads for vehicle listings on sites such as using web-enabled cell phones, PDAs, AOL Autos andAutoSoft namedor iPhones, with full data capture by PMDS popular DealerUps CRM funnel buyers that are certified DMS providersystem. The new mobile tool speeds researching vehicles often want to for Kia Motors up Internet lead response time by contact the dealer by phone if theyre Americaallowing dealerships to immediately interested in a listing which makesAutoSoft Internationalhasrespond to e-mail inquiries at any time phone leads extremely valuable, said announced that it had received a certi