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December 2012 Independent Dealer Magazine Issue


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    Information and Insight for Florida Used Car Dealers

    SINCE 1940

    A Publication of theFlorida IndependentAutomobile DealersAssociation

    December 2012





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    Providing turn-by-turn directions to independent dealers for over 72 years.

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    MAILING ADDRESS 1840 Fiddler Court Tallahassee, FL 32308 TELEPHONE (850) 385-2712 (800) 237-0448 FAX (850) 385-3251 WEBSITE

    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Christopher Leedom President Dino Mercurio Senior Vice President Brandi Noegel Chairman of the Board David Cox, CMD Secretary Paul Matton Treasurer Frank Fuzy Regional Vice President George Hickey Regional Vice President Steve Marbais, CMD Regional Vice President Jim Winterick, Sr. Regional Vice President Jim Winterick, Jr. Regional Vice President

    FIADA STAFF Lisette Mariner Executive Director Terry Myers Educational Instructor Sarah Langley Administrative Director Leah Nash Membership Coordinator Nicole Lee Development Administrator Amelia Tillman Administrative Assistant Christy Taylor Editorial/Advertising

    POSTMASTER:Send address changes to

    FIADA 1840 Fiddler CourtTallahassee, FL 32308

    (850) 385-2712 Toll Free: (800) 237-0448Fax (850) 385-3251

    The Independent Dealer is a publication of:Florida Independent Automobile

    Dealers Association,1840 Fiddler Court, Tallahassee, FL 32308

    The magazine is published every month inTallahassee and distributed to Florida new, used,

    wholesale and lease/retail car dealers.Advertising rates are available upon request.

    The statements and opinions expressedherein are those of the individual authors and do

    not necessarily represent the views of Independent Dealer or the Association. Likewise, the

    appearance of advertisers, or their identification as members of FIADA, does not constitute an

    endorsement of the products or services featured.

    ContentsDecember 2012

    For members of the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association

    C O LU M N S & F E AT U R E S

    4 Presidents Message Christopher Leedom

    6 Executive Directors Message Lisette Mariner

    8 Curb the Curbstoners A brief refresher on the proper procedures for turning in a curbstoner.

    10 Membership News New, Renewing and Rejoining Members

    12 Logged On Its all about who you know, and at making connections with other members has never been easier.

    13 Invitation to Dealer Town Hall Meeting and Board Meeting Finance will be the topic of discussion in January so reserve your spot now to attend. Stick around for the Board of Directors Meeting, open to al members.

    14 Remember December Terry Myers

    16 Standing Up For Dealers FIADA stands up for dealers with judicial action intending to protect lienholders rights.

    17 Title and Registration Training Take advantage of this new course being offered by the FIADA

    20 How to Make Tax Time Work for You The race is on stake a claim on customers looking to use their tax refund towards a used car.

    24 Leadership Profile: Paul Matton, Treasurer The FIADA Executive Committee members are dealers just like you who want to give back to the Association. Learn their story and how they want to help you.

    22 Introducing the FIADA Gift Membership Program Help reach the goal of increasing membership by sponsoring a new member

    26 Legal Round-Up Attorneys Thomas B. Hudson and Nicole Frush Munro update dealers on important federal news and ongoing litigation of importance to dealers.

    29 Obamacare: Are You Prepared? Time is ticking to make sure you will be compliant as an employer with the new health care laws.

  • 4 Independent Dealer December 2012

    F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T

    Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!BY CHRISTOPHER LEEDOM, FIADA PRESIDENT

    It is that time of year again the holiday season is upon us! Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season to each of you.As we approach the final days of 2012 I thought it might be helpful to remind each of us as dealers to begin our year end planning. There is a lot to consider this year potential tax changes, new regulatory oversight and growth plans for 2013. It is also important to take stock and see what you accomplished this year. For many of the dealers I have the opportunity to speak with it has been a pretty good year.

    My message this month is based on something I try to remind myself to do all the time. I have a small card I picked up years ago that says:

    Somewhere on the journey, dont forgetto turn around and enjoy the view

    As dealers and small business owners we can sometimes get so caught up in serving customers, buying cars, hiring employees and running a business that we truly forget to enjoy it. This holiday season I would encourage you to stop and think about how great it is to have the opportunity to be a dealer-owner, operating a small business and hopefully enjoying life. Enjoy an extra moment with your family or loved ones, have a glass of wine and reflect, or go for a walk and just think about what you have accomplished. I try to remind myself to do this every year and it is amazing when you look back how sometimes problems that seemed insurmountable at the time dont quite look the same and successes look even larger than they did previously.

    I also would encourage us as small business owners to help support our communities this time of year. We

    are hosting a major food drive to benefit children in the community. Sure we do things year round but this is an opportunity to really support causes when most people are willing to contribute. Adopt a family, help a customer, find someone less fortunate and do something to help. Do it anonymously and you will find it even more rewarding.

    Also, dont forget about FIADA. As we begin to move forward into a new year remember to help increase our membership ranks. Inviteor even sponsora dealership to join. This helps our association stay strong and continue to serve all of us in the dealer community. While we are talking about FIADA I would like to thank Lisette Mariner and her team that works with us all year long and puts forth a tremendous amount of effort to make our association the best it can be.

    Finally, set some goals for next year. After you take stock of 2012 think about what you want to accomplish in 2013. What opportunities do you have in front of you? What do you do well? What do you need to improve? How do you make your dealership more successful and profitable? This is a great time to think about what we want to accomplish next year and start to focus our efforts to that end.

    In January we will have a town hall meeting and a board meeting in Sarasota on January 18-19th. Come on out and participate in our town hall meeting and if you can join us for the board meeting. I hope to see you there!

    Have a great month, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!

    Christopher Leedom,FIADA President

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  • E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O R S M E S S A G E


    Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Automobile Dealers Industry Advisory Board Meeting. This meeting includes representatives from Independent Dealers, Franchise Dealers, the Department of Motorist Services, the Department of Revenue, Insurance and Tax Collectors. We reviewed the many items that were included in last years transportation bill which are set to go into effect January 1, 2013. These items include:


    Lienholdersshallelectronicallytransmitliensandlien satisfactiontothedepartment.(FS319.27(7))

    Thedepartmentmayadoptrulestoimplementan electronic system for issuing salvage certificates of title


    Newlicenseplatesarecreatedforveteransofthe Vietnam War and recipients of the Combat Infantry


    Adealerofheavytrucksmaysecureoneormoredealer license plates that are valid for use on vehicles owned

    or are in inventory and for sale and are used only for demonstration purposes.

    Amotorvehicleregistrantwhohasrenewedamotor vehicle registration during the advance renewal period

    and surrenders the license plate for the vehicle before the end of the renewal period may apply for a refund of thelicensetaxes.(FS320.15)

    Asalvagemotorvehicledealerisexemptfromthe requirements for garage liability insurance and personal

    injury protection insurance on those vehicles that cannot be legally operated on road, highways, or streets inthisstate.(FS320.27(3))

    Recreationalvehicledealersmayapplyfortitleonly if the dealer is authorized by a manufacturer agreement Continued on Page 8.

    www.fiada.com6 Independent Dealer December 2012

    to buy, sell or deal in that particular line-make. (FS320.771)

    Remember, Auto Data Direct is offering free activation for dealers who sign up for their ELT servicesanddeposit$50inapre-paidaccount.ADDs web-based ELT service offers volume discounts, an online lien manifest, email and text notification, print