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FIADA's Independent Dealer Magazine


  • April 2010 Independent Dealer www.fiada.com



    P A I D


    PERMIT NO. 801

    April 2010 www.FIADA.com Information and Insight for Florida Used Car Dealers

    A Publication of the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association

    Whats Inside:red flags rule:are You readY?Page 8

    free dealertraining oPPortunitYPage 14

    fiada annual Convention registrationPage 20

    You Couldwin $10,000Page 16

    Floridas Capitol Building: Ground Zero for FIADAs Legislative Agenda

  • Independent Dealer April 2010 www.fiada.com

    Register for Classes On Line or On Site at www.FIADA.com

    Dealer Operations SeminarMonday, April 19, 20108:00am to 5:00pmManheim Central Florida Auto Auction9800 Bachmann Rd.Orlando, FL

    Title & Registration SeminarThursday, April 22, 20108:00am to 5:00pmReflection Plaza500 West Lake Mary BlvdSanford, FL 3773

    Upcoming On Site Courses:

    April 30th is Getting Close!Have you satisfied your continuing education requirements to renew your license? Do it online!

    On behalf of the FIADA Board of Directors, you can now complete our Online Continued Education Class for $55.95 (FIADA Members for $39.95) until April 30, 2010 at www.fiada.com. Because the FIADA is committed to helping Florida dealers advance in any way we can, we just wanted to say, Thanks for your supportand keep up the good work! Now, take care of your 8 CE credits, and lets sell some cars!!

    Tuesday, April 27, 20108:00am to 5:00pmLeon County Tax Collectors Office3477 South Monroe StreetTallahassee, FL 330

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    MAILING ADDRESS 1840 Fiddler Court Tallahassee, FL 32308

    TELEPHONE (850) 385-2712 (800) 237-0448

    FAX (850) 385-3251

    WEBSITE www.FIADA.com

    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Greg Edwards President

    Jim Kagiliery Chairman of the Board

    Jeff Gann Senior Vice President

    Jeff Zupec Secretary

    Dino Mercurio Treasurer

    Mario Allmond Regional Vice President

    Brandi Noegel Regional Vice President

    George Hickey Regional Vice President

    Steve Marbais, CMD Regional Vice President

    John Cousins Regional Vice President

    FIADA STAFF Steve Jordan Executive Director

    Larry Peters S. Allen Monello, D.P.A. Terry Myers Instructors Sarah Langley Membership Coordinator

    Alex Romans Education Coordinator

    Christy Taylor Editorial/Advertising

    POSTMASTER:Send address changes to:FIADA 1840 Fiddler Court

    Tallahassee, FL 32308(850) 385-2712 Toll Free: (800) 237-0448

    Fax: (850) 385-3251 www.FIADA.com

    Volume 1 No. 2

    The IndependentDealeris a publication of: Florida Independent Automobile

    Dealers Association, 1840 Fiddler Court, Tallahassee, FL 32308.

    The magazine is published every month in Tallahassee and distributed to Florida new, used, wholesale and lease/retail car dealers. Advertising rates are available upon request.

    The statements and opinions expressed herein are those of the individual authors

    and do not necessarily represent the views of IndependentDealer or the Association.

    Likewise, the appearance of advertisers, or their identification as members of FIADA, does

    not constitute an endorsement of the products or services featured.

    ContentsApril 00

    For members of the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association

    C O L U M N S & F E A T U R E S

    2 Weve Got You Covered FIADA Offers Education Opportunities On Line and On Site.

    4 Presidents Message Greg Edwards

    6 Executive Directors Message Steve Jordan

    8 Technically Speaking Larry Peters and S. Allen Monello, D.P.A.

    10 Legislative Update John Grant

    14 We Need You! FIADAs Legislative Chair Dino Mercurio talks about why dealers need to unite for a

    louder voice in Tallahassee.

    16 Want to Win $10,000?

    19 Fast Cars and Freedom: FIADAs Annual Convention & Expo

    D E PA R T M E N T S

    22 Member News & Notes 22 Internet Extras

    U P C O M I N G E V E N T S

    April 23-24, 2010FIADA Board of Directors Meeting The ShoresDaytona Beach, FL

    July 16-17, 2010FIADA Board of Directors Meeting PGA National Resort & SpaPalm Beach Gardens, FL

    Tuesday, April 27, 20108:00am to 5:00pmLeon County Tax Collectors Office3477 South Monroe StreetTallahassee, FL 330

    FREE Dealer Training EventFriday, April 23, 2010 at Manheim DaytonaDetails on Page 7 and then go online to www.fiada.com to register!

  • 4 Independent Dealer April 2010 www.fiada.com

    When you pick up a newspaper or watch the news these days, you cant help but think our country is in the middle of a political revival. Love it or hate it, health care reform has brought out the good and bad in everyone. For the first time in a long time, Americans are choosing to speak up for what they believe in.

    When the founding fathers came together to create our government, they were clear that it should be built on the theme of we the people. Our constituion gives us many freedoms, and one of the greatest is the right to say what we want and question things we disagree with. It is our obligation, as good citizens, to participate in the political process and tell our elected officials how we feel. Brave men have fought, bled and died so that we can have that right, and maybe we should try to remember that.

    I know you are probably saying, Greg, that is very philosophical but what does it mean for me? Well as a businessman, a Floridian and an American you should care because our representative form of government puts the fate of your future directly in your hands. What happens is driven by you, and you must get involved to make sure you get to your destination. Yes, FIADA is in Tallahassee keeping a close eye on legislative issues, but our voice is only as effective as your ability to make it heard. We need you to speak up.

    To an outsider, the car business looks simple. Most people think you put a car on the lot, advertise it for sale, someone comes in and signs a contract and

    Ready to BuildA Legacy?

    If you were one of the many members who contacted your legislator on behalf of FIADAs Senate Bill 1182/House Bill 631, thank you!


    F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T

    you give them the keys. Maybe we should be proud that we make it look so easy. You and I both know selling cars is a lot harder than it looks. Not only is competition tough, supply is hard to find and funding opportunities are limited, but the amount of rules and regulations we have to deal with can further complicate things. Elected officials need to understand the burden that excessive regulation, fees and taxes have on our businesses. For example, they need to know why we need legislation that expands the enforcement against curbstoning or why we need to close the loophole allowing customers to skip-out on license plate fees. These things may not be obvious to those who are not directly involved with our industry. A good place to start is with a phone call, introducing yourself and sharing where you stand on an issue.

    If you were one of the many members who contacted your legislator on behalf of FIADAs Senate Bill 1182/House Bill 631, thank you! As things stand our efforts have paid off and paved the way for passage of this legislation. Let me remind you, though, that just because the 2010 session is nearing Sine Die, we cant

    stop working. Now is the time to fertilize our grass roots efforts and plant ourselves firmly in the middle of the process. Take courage in the braveness of those who fought for us to have these rights. Together we will make a difference, bring respect to our profession and leave a mighty legacy for those who follow.

  • April 2010 Independent Dealer 5www.fiada.comPAID ADVERTISING

  • Independent Dealer April 2010 www.fiada.com

    As I mentioned in past articles, a big priority for the FIADA Board of Directors this year is to expand its already vast Dealer Training Network to include free seminars and Town Hall meetings for dealers around its Board of Directors meetings. This will add a level of depth to our training that will combine valuable real-time industry training with front-line feedback on how the FIADA can better serve dealers around the State of Florida. Simply put, the FIADA wants to hear from you!

    So, on behalf of the FIADA Board of Directors, I want to personally invite you to attend the free FIADA Dealer Training Seminar & Town Hall Meeting as my guest on Friday, April 23rd at the Manheim Daytona Beach location in Daytona Beach. Our program will get started at 9 a.m. with breakfast at 8 a.m. Lunch will also be provided.

    For this seminar, FIADA has assembled a top-tier group of industry leaders to take you through critical Finance and Buy Here Pay Here Training, Legal & Regulatory Flashpoints for Dealers and Up-to-Date

    Legislative Activity relating to dealers (a complete agenda is on the next page). Other key topics will include:








    Our Town Hall Meeting & Legislative Update will give you a chance to speak up and talk about real-time issues that