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Dec 2011 Issue FIADA Magazine


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    SINCE 1940

    A Publication of theFlorida IndependentAutomobile DealersAssociation

    December 2011 Information and Insight for Florida Used Car Dealers





    PERMIT NO. 38

    The 2012 Legislative Session will soon begin. Join your fellow dealers and prepare for whats ahead. Page 18.

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    DECEMBER 2011

    Dec. 1-2 Orlando/Winter Garden

    Dec. 3-4 Tampa

    Dec. 5-6 Ocala

    Dec. 7-8 Miami/Opa Locka

    Dec. 10-11 Orlando

    Dec. 12-13 Clearwater

    Dec. 14-15 Lakeland

    Dec. 17-18 Ft. Lauderdale

    Dec. 19-20 Jacksonville

    Dec. 21-22 Tallahassee

    JANUARY 2012

    Jan. 5-6 Orlando/Winter Garden

    Jan. 7-8 Tampa

    Jan. 9-10 Ocala

    Jan. 11-12 Miami/Opa Locka

    Jan. 14-15 Orlando

    Jan. 16-17 Clearwater

    Jan. 19-20 Lakeland

    Jan. 21-22 Ft. Lauderdale

    Jan. 23-24 Jacksonville

    Jan. 25-26 Tallahassee

    FEBRUARY 2012

    Feb. 2-3 Orlando/Winter Garden

    Feb. 4-5 Tampa

    Feb. 6-7 Ocala

    Feb. 8-9 Miami/Opa Locka

    Feb. 11-12 Orlando

    Feb. 13-14 Clearwater

    Feb. 16-17 Lakeland

    Feb. 18-19 Ft. Lauderdale

    Feb. 20-21 Jacksonville

    Feb. 22-23 Tallahassee

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    MAILING ADDRESS 1840 Fiddler CourtTallahassee, FL 32308

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    FAX (850) 385-3251WEBSITE

    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Brandi Noegel President

    Christopher Leedom Senior Vice President

    Jim Kagiliery Chairman of the Board

    Dino Mercurio Secretary

    John Cousins Treasurer

    David Cox, CMD Regional Vice President

    Frank Fuzy Regional Vice President

    George Hickey Regional Vice President

    Steve Marbais, CMD Regional Vice President

    Paul Matton Regional Vice President

    FIADA STAFF Lisette Mariner Executive Director

    Terry Myers Educational Instructor

    Sarah Langley Administrative Director

    Alex Romans Education Director

    Christy Taylor Editorial/Advertising

    POSTMASTER:Send address changes to

    FIADA 1840 Fiddler CourtTallahassee, FL 32308

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    The Independent Dealer is a publication of:Florida Independent Automobile

    Dealers Association,1840 Fiddler Court, Tallahassee, FL 32308

    The magazine is published every month inTallahassee and distributed to Florida new,used, wholesale and lease/retail car dealers.Advertising rates are available upon request.

    The statements and opinions expressedherein are those of the individual authors

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    ContentsDecember 2011

    For members of the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association

    C O LU M N S & F E AT U R E S

    4 Presidents MessageBrandi Noegel

    6 Executive Directors MessageLisette Mariner

    8 Member NewsNew, Renewing and Rejoining Members

    10 Zombie CasesHow some legal cases refuse to die and are wreaking havoc on dealers arbitration agreements.

    14 Open For BusinessFIADA Member and Past President David Cox has set up shop in Lakeland, FL.

    18 2012: A New Legislative Session DawnsTips and suggestions you can use to prepare for the upcoming legislative session.

    21 An Invitation to the FIADA Board Meeting and Dealer Training

    22 Legislative Update:The Honorable John Grant and Jennifer Lux

    24 PAC Contribution Form

    26 A Look at Current Legal IssuesAttorney Tom Hudsons update on legal activity from within the industry.

    30 Industry News

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    F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T

    Goodbye 2011,Hello 2012BY BRANDI NOEGEL

    The year 2011 is just about over and what a year it has been. The convention in October was a great success. Thank you to all who attended: the dealers, all of our speakers, exhibitors, and especially our sponsors. We certainly could not have done this convention without all the support from our sponsors and exhibitors. We had three Town Hall meetings throughout the state and all were a great success.

    In 2012, there will probably be a few bumps in the road along the way but, we can hope that well have a great

    tax season to help us make it through part of the year. Reliable transportation is something that most of our customers must have and that is what we are good at, providing reliable transportation. We must think new, positive thoughts for 2012.

    It is time to mark your calendar for the next Town Hall Meeting. We will be the guests of Manheims Daytona Auto Auction. Mark the date, Friday January 20, 2012 from 9am to 3pm. Last year it was a great success, so be sure to sign up early because there is limited seating. The meeting is free and the education that you take

    back to your dealership will more than pay for your time. Learn what is new and talk to some of your fellow dealers. The FIADA Board meeting will follow the next day on Saturday, January 21 in Daytona Beach at The Shores Resort.

    The FIADA Board members are working very hard for you. The Executive Committee, Legislative, Budget and Audit, and Member Benefits have met and are working to achieve new ideas that will better serve you in the future. I believe that during these turbulent economic

    times we need more skills and knowledge to operate more successfully. Everyone needs new ideas and products to use in the future just to stay in business. Remember to do your CE training soon for your license, it is free to all FIADA members. You can register now at FIADA.

    com and get started in real-time.

    Visualizing a new goal allows you to try something new and prepare for what steps are ahead. It allows your brain to start thinking of new ideas, bring forth inspiration and look for the resources necessary to meet your goal. I hope to see you at the next Town Hall Meeting.

    Carol (Brandi) NoegelFIADA President

    I believe that during these turbulent economic times we need more skills and knowledge to operate more successfully. Everyone needs new ideas and products to use in the future just to stay in business.

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  • 6 Independent Dealer December 2011

    E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O R S M E S S A G E

    Building Relationships with Your LegislatorsBY LISETTE MARINER

    My how time flies! The holidays are upon us as is the legislative session. Though session does not officially begin until January 10, legislators are in full swing with committee meetings throughout the last two months. The FIADA is fight-ing to ensure that this session legislators balance the budget but not at the expense of small business and the automotive industry. You can help. Talk to your legisla-tor! Here are a few helpful tips to get your point across in the most effective manner.

    Make your contact early. If you dont know your legisla-tor its not too late to visit with them when they return to their home districts during the holiday break. Dont be discouraged if you can only speak to legislative staff. They are very important when it comes to bill drafting and can be a wonderful resource.

    Think of contact with your legislator as establishing a long-term relationship with an important customer. Dont just talk to them when there is an important bill up for a vote; maintain a presence during the year. Invite them to tour your dealership. Familiarize them with your business and employees. Tell them your concerns.

    Create a positive and cordial atmosphere. Your tone can make the difference. Never ask for the impossible or threaten to vote for someone else next election. Al-ways saying thanks and well done makes a legisla-tor feel appreciated and more receptive to your input. Positive praise creates goodwill and builds on future

    meetings. Dont forget after a face-to-face meeting to send a thank you note. A note extends the conversation and furthers goodwill and relationship building.

    Be sure your legislator knows who you are by identify-ing yourself in all correspondences whether verbal or written. Be sure to include your address and telephone number in all written communications. Your legisla-tor may want to get back in touch with you. Better yet, request a reply. Ask your legislator how they feel about the issue, but without being demanding. Ask for their feedback to ensure a replay and open dialogue.

    Throughout session, FIADA may contact you to reach out and educate your legislator regarding a particular bill. Be specific and mention the bill number. Provide a brief synopsis of the bill; dont assume they know the bill details. Clearly identify if you support, oppose or feel it should be amended. Be logical and specific. Provide facts to support your position. Bring it home if you can with personal examples of how this impacts your business and the community. Remember its okay to ask for your legislators position on the issue. Be very specific and ask your legislator if they will vote yes or no.

    Finally, report back. We would love to know what feed-back youve gotten from your legislator. Let us know whos on our team and who we need to turn around. Together we can have a positive impact for the indus-try.

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