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The official publication of the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association, Inc.


  • May 2013 Vol. 26 No. 5



    MSADA, One McKinley Square, Sixth Floor, Boston, MA 02109

    autoD E A L E R

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    The official publication of the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association, Inc

    Annual Meeting

    June 21Marriott Long Wharf Boston


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    4 From the President: standing Together 6 the roUndUP: at a snails Pace 9 Financial services: Dont freeze Up all of Your assets10 aUto oUtlooK 12 insUrance: Premises liability

    14 Cover Story: annual Meeting lineup

    13 leGal: are f&I Products in CfPbs Crosshairs?

    18 neWs From around the horn

    23 nada UPdate: CfPb Guidance lacks Transparency25 economic UPdate: benefits of affordable Domestic energy Massachusetts auto Dealer MAY 2013

    The official publication of the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association, Incs Ta f f D I r e C T o r Y

    Robert OKoniewski, Esq.executive Vice

    Jean Fabrizio Director of administration

    jfabrizio@msada.orgPaul Fellows

    administrative assistant/ Membership Coordinator

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    Robert OKoniewski, Esq.executive editor

    Tom Nasheditorial Coordinator

    subscriptions provided annually to Massachusetts member dealers. all

    address changes should be submitted to: MsaDa by e-mail:

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    one McKinley square, sixth floorboston, Ma 02109

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    auto Dealer is published by the Massachusetts state automobile Dealers association, Inc. to provide information

    about the bay state auto retail industry and news of MsaDa and its membership.

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  • from the President4

    MAY 2013 Massachusetts auto Dealer

    by Scott Dube, MSADA President


    Standing TogetherSee you at the Annual Meeting on June 21

    t seems like every year franchised Massachusetts dealers face some new regulatory or legislative challenge. As weve been see-ing these past few months, whats been going on with Teslas attempt to exclude themselves from our Commonwealths laws has been one of the most aggravating and potentially damaging challenges weve seen in some time. Have you thought about what Chinese or Indian manufacturers might do if they can just sell cars here via an internet site, out of the reach of the laws of Massachusetts?

    But how much have you been able to follow the twist and turns of this case? Have you been able to go to selectmen meetings in Natick? Attend the multiple court hearings?

    Im guessing not. Were busi-nessmen and women who wake up every morning with challeng-es of our own busy work lives. Most of us barely have 10 min-utes to read the newspaper, much less learn the ins and outs of how Tesla is attempting to justify not following our franchise law.

    Thats why MSADA is here. As a member dealer, I want you to know that we are working every day to combat the multitude of forces working against all of us. But as weve seen time and again, its important for all of us to stay as plugged in to whats going on as possible, so that when the time comes we can lever-age our grassroots strength of 20,000 employees across the state.

    Its important to remind ourselves and our friends in Govern-ment that we have over 20,000 employees and represent about 20 percent of the retail economy here. As seen through other numbers presented in the MSADA Economic Impact Study we released last year, politicians should realize that they will look to make us a punching bag at their peril. We are one of very few industries that have a large impact across every corner of the Commonwealth. We are always working to make sure they remember that.

    Our Annual Meeting is meant to serve as a part of how we keep you informed. It is arguably one of the most important parts, as it serves the dual role of helping us keep our organization transpar-ent and informing you of just what the landscape ahead will look like. We cant predict the future, but we all should make an effort to try to see what threats are in front of us.

    This year, in addition to an update from Executive Vice Presi-dent Robert OKoniewski, well hear from industry experts such as George Magliano and others who will lay out what they see coming down the pike. Others will provide updates on regulatory actions that could affect all of our bottom lines for positive and

    negative. We have a very interesting slate of speakers lined up for this year that you wont want to miss.

    Of course, its also a chance for us to get together and enjoy being in one place at one time. The Marriott Long Wharf is a great facility right

    on the water, and with a little luck it will be a beautiful first day of summer where we can talk shop and enjoy a drink. We have also reserved a block of hotel rooms, so that hopefully youll take advantage of a night out in the great city of Boston.

    Please be sure that you have sent in your registration form as soon as possible, noting whether or not you would like to spend the night. We are also providing a lunch as well. Please send the forms back to

    I look forward to seeing you there. It will be my first time lead-ing the Annual Meeting, and I am beyond excited to see what ideas and questions my fellow dealers will bring to the table. While we cant expect everyone to dedicate a lot of resources fighting for our industry every day, we should celebrate this rare opportunity to all be together in the same room. Were in this together, and there is no better way to show it.



    As a member dealer, I want you to know that we are working every day

    to combat the multitude of forces working against all of us.

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