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FIADA's January 2013 issue of Independent Dealer Magazine


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    Information and Insight for Florida Used Car Dealers

    SINCE 1940

    A Publication of theFlorida IndependentAutomobile DealersAssociation

    January 2013





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    16 A QUIET QUALITYBrandi noegel is Fiadas Quality dealer oF the year.

    26 PARTNER SELLING8 Ways to serVe your CustoMer and reaP the reWards

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    Youre In the DrIvers seAtWere Here to Keep You On Course

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    ContentsJanuary 2013

    For members of the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association

    C O LU M N S & F E AT U R E S

    4 Presidents Message Christopher Leedom

    6 Executive Directors Message Lisette Mariner

    10 Membership News New, Renewing and Rejoining Members

    12 Logged On Post a job, submit your resume or look for employment in the official www.FIADA.com Career Center.

    14 NIADA Certified Gives Dealers a Competitive Advantage The NIADA Certified Pre-Owned program is designed to give independent dealers a way to compete with franchise dealer CPOs.

    16 A Quiet Quality FIADA Past President Brandi Noegel has the honor of being FIADAs Quality Dealer of the Year.

    20 Legislative Update Sandra Mortham

    22 E15 Fuel Making Its Way to a Pump Near You If you have not yet heard about E15 fuel, you might soon will. How the com position of gasoline is changing and what you should know.

    26 8 Steps to Serve Your Customers and be Rewarded The concept of partner selling can bring value to your customers and rewards to your business.

    get your continuing education complete before the april 30 deadline. Fiadas options include online courses or in person at one of our title and registration Courses held around the state. go to www.Fiada.com to register or find out more.

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    F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T


    With a new year always come new challenges and opportunities. Hopefully you are gearing up for what could be your best year in business yet.

    Last month I encouraged each of you to take stock of your business and set some aggressive goals for 2013. All of us have the opportunity to participate as small business owners in the economic fabric of our state. And from my perspective, we are very fortunate here in the sunshine state. We generally have a better economy than much of the country due to our economic drivers. We have ample opportunity, and we have a market for our product that is clearly on the rise.

    Both used vehicle and new vehicle sales were up in 2012 over 2011. I think this is a good thing all around. More new car sales means more used inventory pipeline in the future. It is nice to see volume back

    above 14 million units versus the 11 million range of a few years ago. I believe we will see some very strong demand in 2013 for traditional retail, special finance and buy here-pay here financing. This means virtually every dealer is likely to have opportunity for sales growth and sales usually translates to profit.

    I would suggest you stop and think about how you are

    going to capitalize on the market that exists. You may want to obtain the sales data for your county or market, analyze it and see where you stand relative to other dealers, and then set a goal to increase your market share in 2013. When sales opportunities increase it does not always disperse equally across all participants, in fact it never does the dealers with the better