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  • April 2013 Vol. 26 No. 4



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  • from the President4

    APRIL 2013 Massachusetts auto Dealer

    by Scott Dube, MSADA President


    Hardly Shocking, Actually I Am Shocked!The Tesla battle gets personal

    s Ive said recently, Massachusetts is the canary in the coal mine for many initiatives that have a direct negative impact on auto dealers throughout the United States. And while Tesla Mo-tor Companys fight to roll back nearly 100 years of franchise law started here and a couple of other states, it now has spread to Texas.

    Their push in Texas involves the legislature. That means get-ting votes. Tesla Motor Company CEO Elon Musk sent the fol-lowing note to his employees encouraging them to make calls to legislators. It read, in part:

    It is crazy that Texas, which prides itself on individual free-dom, has the most restrictive laws in the country protecting the big auto dealer groups from competition. If the people of Texas knew how bad this was, they would be up in arms, because they are getting ripped off by the auto dealers as a result (not saying they are all bad there a few good ones, but many are extremely heinous). We just need to get the word out before these guys are able to pull a fast one on us. For everyone in Texas that ever got screwed by an auto dealer, this is your opportunity for payback.

    We shouldnt be surprised by this bile. If anything, its great that hes put such laughably stupid thinking on paper. As our own case continues its appeal process, hopefully it should be more clear to people that we are on the right side of history here. What we have is a CEO (Elon Musk) who simply doesnt want to play by the same rules as everyone else, and will cast aspersions on other businessmen and women if it appears that things arent going to go his way. He makes it dirty and per-sonal; clearly he knows hes losing in the court of public opin-ion. More importantly he understands the concept that if a lie is repeated often enough people will begin to believe it.

    Contrast this with Hyundai President John Krafciks com-ments about the franchise system made recently at NADA and in print:

    You provide jobs, provide a stable tax base and contribute

    to philanthropic causes in your local communities across the country. Yet it seems like every day someone is bashing the U.S. automotive retail system as being out of touch or inef-ficient. From our perspective at Hyundai, the franchised dealer system in the U.S. works because its the concentrated distil-lation of another system that we know works. One thats been proven over the last couple of centuries -- the American free enterprise system.

    Clearly the pressure from auto dealers needs to stay firm. Our voice needs to be able to always counter this kind of rhetoric, and no one does as good of a job as dealers defending the es-tablished law as the only way to ensure the market works and is safe for consumers.

    Remember, auto dealers in Massachusetts make up about 20% of the retail economy and we provide over 20,000 very good paying jobs. Most of us are strong supporters of community ac-tivities in ways Tesla never will be. It floors me that the Town of Natick would swoon the way they have over Tesla. While the dealers of Natick put blood sweat and tears into Natick, the town takes all of that for granted, even demeans it by unlawfully grant-ing Tesla a license when its clear they dont qualify for one. It begs the question do they dislike dealers (the economic engine of the state), are they playing games with peoples livelihoods, or do they just not understand what their actions portend? All of us have a part to play in making sure wanna-be bullies such as Musk arent able to eliminate the very free market principles hes claiming to follow. Picture a world of dealers trying to compete with factory run stores. Think of the possible new entrants into the market from India to China -- there are smart people who would like to enter our market. Will they be forced to play by the rules or will government officials decide that they like the idea of scrapping the franchise system and allow not so clever ploys to be used to circumvent the franchise system?



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