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<ol><li> 1. Welcome to the digital edition of Digital Dealer magazine! Just as you are trying to keep your store(s) on the cutting edge, we are doing the very same thing as we venture into a new frontier in the publishing biz.We can get this digital version in your hands 2-3 weeks faster than the print version, giving you the freshest information possible. You can click on links at the end of each article to email the author of such. And you can click on the ads to link to that advertisers website (and youd REALLY be helping us out by doing just that).Its quite intuitiveI dont think that someone who uses the Internet to make a living will have any trouble easily figuring it out.Please let me know what you think about it Michael Roscoe Editor-in-Chief </li><li> 2. February 2009 The Technology Magazine for Dealers &amp; ManagersInternet Sales: Redesigning and Refocusing your Approach to theMarket page 12Your Best Online Presence in 2009 and Beyondpage 14 Technology Trends: A Good DOC WillKeep you HealthyANTHONYpage 32 BARTOLI BDC/CRM: MeasuringCustomer New and Pre-owned Retention: The Sales Manager/Internet Secret Ingredient Director, Behlmann page 34Buick Pontiac GMC and Pre-owned CarsCIAL page 26 page 26 FF I O ttiive ve moom o alls s Auttossiion aAufes s onoff ro fe g rg o ro ttiion es P line.ero on s P ia al e nnlina o.oc i so c Sa lNAssernett S.AAISPoAst erne wA AISPo IIn t ww .IO nwwPU w B L I C AT </li><li> 3. 2 Page EER GATT RAD AUTODFOL EAWILL B THISFILEE RATESEP </li><li> 4. HOW CAN WE WORK FOR YOU? At, we want to help you succeed. Thats why weyour investment. And youll get innovative products and marketmake it our goal to do whatever it takes to help you sell more cars. intelligence to give you an edge. And with all this, youll also getYoull get exposure for your cars and dealership so you can attracta dedicated service team to make it all work for you. To put us tomore customers. You will get training to help get the most out ofwork for you, just call 888-249-6860 or visit 2009, Inc. All Rights Reserved. is a registered trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. used under exclusive license. </li><li> 5. T ABLE OF CONTENTS CIAL FF IO tive ve mo tials mo nals uto Au tossion off A fess io on o Profe rg rgonro .o ciatiSales Ponlie.ociattiSalesPonlin ne N so Ass orne t .AAISP Astern e w AISIn te ww .A IO In w w wPU B L I C AT The Technology Magazine for Dealers &amp; Managers FEBRUARY 2009FEATURE MANAGING EDITORLINDA DI PIETRODigital Dealer Cover Story ldipietro@Dealer-magazine.com26 Anthony Bartoli, New and Pre-ownedPUBLISHERSales Manager/Internet Director GREG NOONAN607-264-3359Behlmann Buick Pontiac GMC and gnoonan@Dealer-magazine.comPre-owned Cars ART DIRECTORJOE BIRCHCOLUMNSjbirch@Dealer-magazine.comAAISP Notes PRODUCTION MANAGERELIZABETH BIRCH 10 How to Endure, Survive and EvenThrive in Tumultuous TimesPRINT PRODUCTIONMike Roscoe DAVID MANTHEYAnthony Bartoli DESIGN CONSULTINGBehlmann BuickInternet Sales Pontiac GMC and PUBLICATION DESIGN, INC. 12 Redesigning and Refocusing your Pre-owned Cars COVER DESIGNApproach to the MarketJOE BIRCH jbirch@Dealer-magazine.comPhil Sura COVER PHOTOGRAPHY 14 Your Best Online Presence in 2009 and BeyondYVONNE NIEMANNPeter BattenCIRCULATION SUBSCRIPTION RICH JARRETT 16 Be the Authority314-432-7511rjarrett@Dealer-magazine.comPaige PresleyNATIONAL ADVERTISING SALES 18 Snake Oil Online? adsales@Dealer-magazine.comJoe Webb 607-264-3359Dealer magazine makes every attempt to 22 Salvage Sales with the Internet in a Downtime ensure the accuracy of all published works.However it cannot be held responsible forDaryl Sanders opinions expressed or facts supplied herein.Nothing may be reproduced in whole or in partwithout written permission from the publisher. 24 What Can SEO and SEM Do For YourAll rights reserved. The publisher encouragesyou to submit suggestions. Submitted materialsDealership? become the property of Horizon Communications,Inc. and will not be returned. Send material forElissa Giroux publication to 330 Franklin Rd., Suite 135A,PMB 386, Brentwood, TN 37027. The editorreserves the right to edit material; submissionTechnology Trends of material constitutes permission to edit and 32 A Good DOC Will Keep you Healthypublish that material. This publication isdesigned to provide accurate and authoritativeSandi Jeromeinformation in regard to the subject mattercovered. It is presented with the understandingthat the publisher is not engaged in renderingBDC/CRM legal, accounting or other professional service.If legal advice or other expert assistance is 34 Measuring Customer Retention: The Secret Ingredient required, the services of a competent profes-sional person should be sought. From aJim Roche Declaration of Principles jointly adopted by aCommittee of the American Bar Associationand a Committee of Publishers.DMS Workshop 36 Go Away and Leave Me Alone!Paul Gillrie A PUBLICATION OF DEPARTMENTS6 Industry &amp; Tech News8 Digital Dealer E-mail DD 4 February 2009 </li><li> 6. D IGITAL Dealer INDUSTRY &amp; TECH NEWSKelley Blue Book wins topvAuto, Carfax unlock releasing values weeklyinternational emergingprofit for auto dealersA study released today proves thatKelley Blue Book is now publishing its used-vehicle values weekly via its media award dealers can maximize profitability by is a Leader Award winner web-based product KarPower Online.immediately evaluating cars at the 2008 Summit Emerging Media Prior to this, only the Kelley Blue BookvAuto and Carfax deliver a powerfulAward (Summit EMA) competition for Trade-In Values were updated weekly,tool that dealers are using to identifyits work with Checkered Flag Motor Car while other values were published incars that command a premium price onCorporation, the Kelley Blue Book Official Guide the retail market. According to vAuto,The 2008 competition included every other month. The Blue Bookdealers consistently price Carfax 1-approximately 700 entries from numer- Official Guide also has an updatedOwner cars an average of $1,000 moreous countries for which only 12 percent publishing schedule with its frequencythan cars without the Carfax 1-Ownerearned recognition. Dealer.coms work moving from every other month todesignation.was recognized in the Consumer monthly. Blue Book Official GuideIn these tough economic times,Product Website category. customers received their first monthlydealers need to know which cars and Summit EMA award winners are edition in November of 2008.light trucks can be aggressively mar-selected for their leading-edge use ofIn addition to striving for greaterketed the second they hit their lots,new and emerging web technologies. accuracy through more frequentsaid Keith Jezek, president and CEO ofCheckered Flags web site updates, Kelley Blue Book has added Chicago- and Austin-based vAuto.includes the latest in new media tech- an Auction Value, which is what aConsumers prefer cars that have hadnology to keep site visitors engaged and used vehicle is expected to sell for at a only one previous owner. Using theincrease lead submission. The goal wholesale auction. An additionalvAuto tool, dealers can price their vehi-with Checkered Flags web change includes a name change for the cles at the top of the market. The study,site was to create a customer-friendly companys Wholesale Value, a long-based on more than 3.5 million onlineweb site with one-click navigation and standing benchmark for automotive listings, also indicates that Carfax 1-feature rich content to attract and lending, which is now the WholesaleOwner cars increase inventory turn.encourage visitors to shop for cars Lending Value. The Wholesale Combined with a higher resale value,online. The site incorporates cutting- Lending Value will be updated weeklyCarfax 1-Owner cars maximize aedge search marketing, video, reflecting the value of a vehicle that hasdealers profit per unit.consumer reviews, a dealership blog, been fully reconditioned, inspected andBy using vAuto in conjunction withonline credit approval, online service is frontline ready. Finance companies the Carfax 1-Owner designation, I con-scheduling and more. can now use Kelley Blue Bookstinue to see an increase in sales as well as The Summit EMA competition is Wholesale Lending Value without any an increase in per car gross, said Garybased on the premise that advertising is additional calculation to mitigate risk Duncan, Duncan Automotive Networkconsistently at the forefront of the tech- and better manage lending portfolios. of Christiansburg, Virginia.nological evolution of communication.Dealers, manufacturers, finance com-Previous studies show a minimumSome of this years judges included: Lisa panies and others in the automotive sale price lift of $300 for Carfax 1-Charlebois of Ogilvy &amp; Mather, industry can access all of Kelley BlueOwner cars. Carfax has programs inVanessa DiMauro of Leader Networks Books weekly values through a paid place to make sure dealers take fulland David Snyder of FL2. subscription to the companys Internet- advantage of their inventorys based valuation system, KARPOWERpotential., Online through syndication or via our O service provider RouteOne and others.www.kbb.comO O DD 6 February 2009 </li><li> 7. D IGITAL Dealer E-MAIL Digital Dealer welcomes your letters and after verification will run them signed or unsigned. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. Send letters to Skeans,While you are there please take a look at NADA, but none on my own. I'm in theI have just read your excellent article the other management tools, availableprocess of finding ways to better train in the November 2008 Digital Dealerfrom our web site for free.dealership staff on DMS systems for ACS, magazine, Leverage More InformationGood luck,our preferred provider of DealerStar and from your Financial Statement/DOC. Jim Skeanswebinars are one of the options. If I can I would appreciate you e-mailing your find a good seminar provider, I might add complete list of favorite ratios with theHi Sandi Jerome, some specialty classes like data extraction formulas to me. Thank you. Great article in the December 2008 and of course the new popular one, dataBest regards, Digital Dealer magazine, Data pushing. Thank you for the suggestionMark KriegerExtraction Is it all Over? I am won-and I'll get busy!Vice Presidentdering if you are at all entertaining the Thanks!Krieger Autogroup idea of webinars where you could show Sandi JeromeMuscatine, Iowa us the how tos of pushing info. ADP coach classes that we can pay for, just Daryl Sanders,wondering with all the information youI enjoyed your article, 10 Strategic E-Hello Mark, have if you would consider that option mail Rules for Internet Car Shoppers inGlad you enjoyed the article and thanks for many digital dealer business issues. the December 2008 Digital Dealer mag- for reading Digital Dealer magazine. Looking forward to hearing from you. azine. As a Chrysler/ Jeep/Dodge salesThe ratios and formulas are includedThank you, manager, I frequently have issues with in the spreadsheet Key Financial RatiosAnn Potter what you mentioned: customer pricing available for downloading from the Controller/ITeligibility. If at all possible, could you Free Tools page on my web site,Ryan Motorsoffer suggestions or even a copy of the Buffalo, MNquestionnaire that you send prospects? IThe spreadsheet also illustrates how to annp@bwig.netwould understand if you are not link the elements of the formulas to your inclined to disclose your technique, but financial statement or accounting report Hi Ann,any help would be appreciated. download for complete automaton from Great to hear from you and I've doneThanks, your one-time setup efforts. some webinars for DealersEdge and BJ HolmesGeneral Sales ManagerFalls Chrysler Jeep DodgeCuyahoga Falls, OH BJ,While I normally advocate an auto response that introduces the salesperson and store, and then in the next e-mail a quote can be sent, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep are exceptions to the rule. They have so many pricing rules and incentives (about an inch- thick document), that covers employees, friends, family, acquain- tances, people who once knew someone, and on and on, to quote a price might cause the dealership to put foot in mouth.So I advocate four brief questions in the auto response that will help qualify the persons eligibility for an advantageous price. If I dont hear back from the prospect quickly, then I suggest going forward with a price quote with quali- fiers in small print assuming certain stipulations.Daryl SandersDD 8February 2009 </li><li> 8. D IGITAL Dealer AAISP NOTESMike RoscoeHow to Endure, way to approach this market. You need to hear from the top consultants and trainers in the industry. You need to see what the leading edge companies haveSurvive and to offer to give you your best shot. You needthe 6th Digital Dealer Conference &amp; Exposition.Every speaker submitting a proposal Even Thrive in to speak at the April event has been instructed to focus their presentation This current economy Tumultuous Timesis only going to hasten the move to e-commerce indealerships. Now moreD oes the title above pretty much wrap it up? Is that what you than ever, your and your store(s) need at this very moment? The knowledge of howattendance at this to endure in these tumultuous times? The ability to survive in these tumul-event is critical. tuous times? And can you imaginea Michael Roscoe plan to even thrive in these tumul- tuous times.specifically on How to Endure, Survive and Even Thrive inThe dealerships that will be able to Tumultuous Times. Whatever their reach these three goals are the ones that knowledge, whatever their experience, are doing everything they can to accom- whatever their specific expertisethey plish them. Of course, cost cutting iswill be presenting it with the focus on the first action that is taken during onemetrics that traditional advertising how to endure, survive and even thrive of these cycles. Typically, when times are could never provide. You can defini- in tumultuous times. good, fat builds up in the form of tively track ROI. expenses that are not necessary to theNow more than ever, your atten- success of the business. So finding andThis current economy is only going dance at this event is critical. It will take cutting the fat is the first, and most to hasten the move to e-commerce inplace at the Mirage in Las Vegas on painless way to bring down expenses. dealerships. Sure, retail automotive has April 19-21. There is nothing else youbeen steadily increasing adoption of could possibly do during those 21/2 As I am well aware from being in the technologies and processes to market...</li></ol>