determining where important people, places and events took place reviewing regions in whap

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Reviewing Regions in WHAP

Determining where important people, places and events took placeReviewing Regions in WHAP

Caste system

Mughal Empire


Identify which region these belong toSouth Asia

Greater Zimbabwe


Sudanic KingdomsLets try againSub-Saharan Africa

Norte Chico


New GranadaLets get more difficultLatin America

Tanzimat reforms


Millett SystemPerhaps this might get youTricky huh? Middle East under the Ottoman Empiremkay?

Angor Wat

Khmer Rouge

Ann Sang Su KyiLets step this up!!!South east Asia wow!!!! Next



KarakorumLets settle downCentral Asia: the steppes of the nomads. Next up?



BabyloniaTaking it way backMiDdle East( AKA) Southwest Asia



WallachiaPlaces no moreEastern Europe are You Kidding me?

30 years war

Scientific revolution

Agricultural revolutionLets simmer downWestern Europe: That was Easy

Columbian Exchange (direct impact)How bout Cross Regional EventsNorth AmericaLatin AmericaWest EuropeWest Africa

Not to mention global indirect results (silver anyone?)Wow, thats a lot

Who was involved in the global exchange of silver starting in 1571?Silver ExchangeLatin America (mines)

East Asia (Ming demand, Japanese supply)

South East Asia (Manila Galleons)

Western Europe (shipping and exchange for Chinese Goods)Still a lot

First global war between England and France7 years warThe Seven Years' War was a world war that took place between 1754 and 1763. It involved most of the great powers of the timeNorth AmericaCentral (Latin) AmericaSub-Saharan AfricaEastern EuropeWestern EuropeSouth Asia (India)South East Asia (Phillipines)

Woah Colonialism and trade: Blue Britain, Green France

From Genghis Khan toMongol EmpireSouth AsiaCentral AsiaEast EuropeWest Europe (kinda)Middle EastEurasia!!!

Remember that Treaty of Tordesilla after Columbus sailed the ocean Blue in 1492?Spanish Empire(1450-1750)West EuropeLatin AmericaNorth AmericaSouthEast Asia(Phillipines)Dont forget Portugal

During the campaigns under the czars (starting with Ivan) the position of imperialism would beginRussian Empire (2nd largest)Thanks to the Cossaks in the East and Westward imperialism (remember those war water ports.Remember, this was not the Soviet Union

The West or first world during the cold war 1945-1991NATO( North ATlantic Treaty Organization)Better Dead than Red

North America and Western Europe mostlyYeah the British Empire included direct, indirect, protectorate, and commonwealthThe Sun Never sets here?North AmericaLatin AmericaSub-Saharan AfricaMiddle EastSouth AsiaSouth East EmpireEast AsiaWestern EuropeWerent we Part of that empire too?

Oh, thats right they were involved despite all the revolutionsFrench EmpireWest EuropeWestern AfricaMiddle EastSouth Asia (until the British beat them)South east Asia (AKA French Indochina)

After Napoleon


Porfirio Diaz

MalquidorasLets get back to one regionMexico( Can be either Latin or North America)

Holy Roman Empire

Germanic Invasions

GaulLets try thisLesser known Western Europe

Cahokia (Mississippi mound builders)

North West Passage

New Amsterdam600-1750North America

Mejii Restoration

White Lotus Rebellion

Treaty of NankingLets focus on a periodization1750-1900 East Asia

Caliphate of Cordova

Dual Papacy

100 years WarAnother region, another periodization600-1450 West Europe



Mita systemPeriodization and region600-1450 Latin America


Queen Nzinga

Boer settlementsPeriodization and region?Africa 1450-1750

Khmer Kingdom

Angor Wat

Spread of Hinduism

Region and Periodization600-1450 Southeast Asia

Emancipation of serfs

Crimean War

PogromsPeriodization and regionEast Europe 1750-1900

4 modernizations

Long march

One child policyPeriodization and region1900-Present East Asia


Code of Hammurabi

Gate of IshtarPeriodization and region8000 B.C.e- 600 B.C.E Middle East



KenyaPeriodization and regionDecolonization of Africa 1900-Present

Why you TRIPI (in)?

Asoka Rock Pillar EdictsTheme-Region-Identify-PeriodizationCulture-Political- South Asia- Inspired by Buddhist conversion 600 B.C.E-600 C.ECooliesEconomic- South and East Asia to Latin America, Africa and North America- negative name for migrant laborers 1750-190012 TablesPolitical, Europe. Codified laws of Rome established during the struggle for order, 600 B.C.E- 600 C.EKhanatesPolitical, East Europe, Middle Eastern, Central Asia, East Asia, fragmented political unites after Genghis Khans death, 600-1450Sudanic KingdomsTrade, culture, economics, West Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa), Ghana, Mali, Songhai and their role in the Trans-Saharan African Gold-Salt trade, 600-1450LudditesEconomic, West Europe, rebels against industrialism, 1750-1900, ViceroyaltiesPolitical, Spanish colonial Empires, Latin America 1450-1750Taiping RebelionPolitical, East Asia, rebellion in the Qing Dynasty due to corruption of government, 1750-1900Mita SysteEconomic, Latin America, system of labor obligations for tribute in Inca Empire, 600-1450Fur tradeEconomic, North America, East Europe, Central Asia, Russia and France competed in this commoditiy for warmth and fashion, 1750-1900