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  • Company Logos with Hidden

    Images That You Wont Believe

    You Didnt See Sooner

    #1 FedEx Theres an arrow pointing to the X This is one of the best known logo images, but just in

    case youve missed it, look between the E and the x. In the white space theres an arrow that

    subliminally represents speed and precision. #2 Wendys Wendys brags about their home cooked

    taste, so they placed the word mom in Wendys collar. This Wendys logo appears to say the word

    Mom in Wendys collar, suggesting that their cooking is like Moms home-cooked meals. You know,

    if mom made square hamburgers and served ketchup in small paper cups. The Pittsburgh Zoo The

    white space in this logo pops out and reveals a gorilla and a lion staring each other down. While the

    ape is quite []

    Microsoft: an application on iOS


  • The selfies are always much appreciated by smartphone users. Microsoft has understood and he

    released an application that is dedicated to them on iOS. After investing the competing platform with

    its Office suite for iOS, Microsoft did it again proposing this time the brand apple users an application

    that improves selfies. Available free on the iTunes Store the app is very easy to use. Microsoft

    launches an application on iOS selfies Microsoft invites himself again in the competing Apple

    platform with very soberly application called Selfie. You will have necessarily understood the

    concerns app selfies, those pictures are taken of himself with smartphone at arms. You simply

    launch the application, properly frame the photo sensor and trigger shooting. Then you can choose

    from several effects []

    Facebook targeted by a class

    action in the US

    Facebook targeted by a class action in the US Two groups of investors decided to attack Facebook

    after its introduction in chaotic stock market in 2012. Usually, in a Class Action was rather used to

    seeing consumers unite against a mark for weighing heavier against the powerful legal departments

    of large companies. But few times it is the investors themselves who decide to regroup. Facebook

    will however make the bitter experience since 3 years after its IPO for less agitated, the company

    Mark Zuckerberg will face two class actions by investors groups. Two groups of plaintiffs against

    Facebook Facebook will have to face two claimant groups. The first is composed of individual

    investors and individuals. The second should give a lot of trouble to Facebook []