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<ol><li> 1. 21 Famous Logos with Mind-Blowing Hidden Messages Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 2. Amazon The arrow makes a smile and Amazon sells everything from A to Z. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 3. Atlanta Falcons The logo is an F for Falcons. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 4. Baskin Robbins Everybody knows Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 5. Big Ten The Big Ten welcomed their 11th school, Penn State, in 1990 and didnt want to change their logo. Nuno Carvalho @2015. Nuno Carvalho @2015. Nuno Carvalho @201 </li><li> 6. FedEx Most people know about the arrow between the E and the x. But did you notice that the ed hangs lower than the other letters. And! Theres a spoon in Fed. </li><li> 7. Formula 1 The black is the letter F and theres a 1 in the negative space. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 8. Goodwill Do you see half of a happy face or do you see a g? Nuno Carvalho @2015. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 9. Knight Transportation Theres a knight in armor with a spear in the middle of the K. But if you look closely you can also see the head of a horse. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 10. Le Tour de France Theres a bicyclist in that logo. Hint: The yellow is a wheel. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 11. LG Some speculate that the logo for Lifes Good is inspired by Pac-Man. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 12. London Symphony Orchestra What do you see first? The initials LSO or a conductor with a wand? Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 13. NBC BCs logo is a forward- looking peacock that incorporates the six primary and secondary colors in its feathers. The six feathers symbolize NBCs six divisions: News, Sports, Entertainment, Stations, Network, and Productions Nuno Carvalho @2015. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 14. Northwest Airlines You probably see an N in a circle. But the triangle makes a W for west and it points northwest. </li><li> 15. Sony Vaio The Sony Vaio logo symbolizes the integration of analog and digital technology. Th VA forms an analog wave and IO represents a binary 1 and 0. Nuno Carvalho @2015. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 16. Staples The L isnt an L. </li><li> 17. Sun Microsystems Suns logo is four interweaved copies of the word sun. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 18. TaylorMade The T is the bottom-side of a driver. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li><li> 19. Toblerone Toblerone originated from Bern, Switzerland. The town is also known as The City of Bears. Nuno Carvalho @2015. Nuno Carvalho @2015. </li></ol>