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<ul><li><p>Research &amp; Development - R&amp;D</p><p>Logos Weld Products (LWP) is an Indian company engaged as a </p><p>renowned manufactures and exporters of welding electrode </p><p>plant and machineries. We are in the field of manufacturing </p><p>welding electrode plant and machineries since 1994. We have </p><p>consumers in India and other Nations. In the short span we built </p><p>our reputation in manufacturing welding electrode plant and </p><p>machineries and have become market leader in this sphere.</p><p>Logos Weld Products (LWP) have grown on the strong foundaton of trust and confidence of our client </p><p>base and proven reliability of machines clubbed with professionally qualified and well trained </p><p>staffs. A leading manufactures of welding electrode plant and machineries we are proud of our </p><p>workers quality of our state of the art design, installation and maintains services provided to valued </p><p>customers.</p></li></ul>


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